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White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

Prepare : 1 hour and 20 min Cook: 5 min Ready in: 1 hour and 25 min

These White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles look so beautiful and yummy as well. If you never try this before, prepare the ingredients below and copy the whole steps to make some at home.

How to make White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

Make 22 pieces of White Chocolate Raspberry Truffles in only one hour and 25 minutes. Simply follow the recipe below until the end.


For the filling:

  • 250 gr of chopped white chocolate
  • 25 gr diced butter
  • 65 gr creamer (White Chocolate Raspberry flavor)

For coating the truffle:

  • 150 gr melting wafers (white)
  • 30 gr frozen and dried raspberries


To make the filling:

  1. First of all, prepare a saucepan with 2-quart size. Then, heat it over medium heat and fill with the creamer. Cook and stir the creamer until it is simmer. After that, you need to lower the heat and add other ingredients in it, like the butter and the chopped white chocolate.
  2. Cook the ingredients until the butter and the chocolate are completely melted. When it is done, turn the heat off and prepare a shallow bowl or you may also use a shallow pan. Transfer the mixture to the prepared bowl or pan and allow it to cool in the fridge for around 30 to 60 minutes.
  3. After that, prepare a small cookie scoop and take the mixture to roll into a ball. Then, place the ball on a wax paper. If all mixture has been rolled, place the balls in the fridge again for another 30 minutes to make them firm again. Next, prepare a bowl and fill with the dried raspberries and crush them out.
  4. Also, don’t forget to heat the white wafers. Here, you just need to place them in a bowl that is safe to be heated in a microwave. Then, put it in the microwave to heat over half power. Stir the white wafers every 30 seconds to make sure that they are completely melted and smooth.

To make the coating:

  • Simply dip the firm balls into the melted white chocolate. Here, you may use a fork in dipping the balls so that all parts of the balls are evenly coated with the white chocolate. After that, lift the balls and excess any chocolate drippings. Prepare the wax paper and place the coated balls on top of it.

Right after you put the balls on top of the wax paper, make sure you immediately do the decorations so that they will be glued to the balls. Simply decorate the balls by drizzling the dried raspberries on top of each ball. Also, don’t forget to do the same steps to the remaining balls. Place them at room temperature and enjoy!


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