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Sweet Cream Cheese Wontons

By: Stephanie

Prepare time: 10 min Cook: 15 min Ready in: 30 min

Sweet Cream Cheese Wontons is also one of Chinese food that has a delicious taste. This food has classified as dry food. Suitable for your dessert. Also, cheese wontons can also serve as your dining companions when combined with rice or something else. These wontons are very crispy and suitable also if used as a snack food.

How to make Sweet Cream Cheese Wontons?

By: Stephanie

Making sweet cream cheese wontons is an easy thing. With just a moment this food is ready to eat. Curious how to make it? Let’s cook with this one secret recipe


  • One egg
  • 8 ounces Philadelphia cream cheese
  • Half a glass of sugar
  • 13 packs of egg rolls. Or it could be egg wrap packages
  • One glass of water
  • Cooking oil to taste


  1. The first step, you must to preparing the cookware and all the ingredients to be cooked. Then place a small pot on the stove, then pour the vegetable oil to taste, according to your needs and taste. While waiting for the hot vegetable oil, beat the egg in a bowl and stir until blended.
  2. Then grab the cream cheese and mix it with half a cup of sugar. Mix it with eggs and stir until all the dough has evenly distributed. Then take a spoon to put the mixture into the dumpling wrapper. The entire end of the wrap is soaked in water to easily fold easily into the various shapes you want to suit your taste.
  3. After that, make sure the whole wrapper is robust enough to stick with the other parts, so the cream cheese mixture has not crushed when the dumplings are putting into the pan. Then, put the whole dumpling wrapper for the fried. Wait until the dumpling has cooked until brownish.

That’s the recipe for making a simple dessert. Although simple expensive and very fitting taste on the tongue. Not just as a dessert only sweet cream cheese wontons are also suitable as a snack when watching television, movies, or others. So for the women, this is a recommended recipe for those of you who like snacking or looking for dessert. Let’s learn cooking.


The food we cook is a reflection of our love for each other and for the things that nourish us. We want to share what we know with others, too, so that they can experience the warmth of a home-cooked meal from those who love them best.

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