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Spicy Korean Cucumber Kimchi Refrigerator Pickles

By: Julia

Prepare time: 5 min Cook: 10 min Ready in: 20 min

Do you like Korean food? If the answer is ‘yes,’ then you must have heard about kimchi. Kimchi is a traditional food, based on Korea. This food contains fermented vegetables with various seasons. People usually eat it directly or serve it with rice. Well, this time we want to share a recipe to make spicy cucumber kimchi for you. This dish is very recommended to try. Check out the instructions below.

Easy Steps to Make Spicy Korean Cucumber Kimchi

By: Julia

On this recipe, we use Kirby cucumbers since it is fresh, crunchy and firm. The method also requires fresh garlic, scallions, and some other ingredients. This food is perfect for you whose like healthy and sour food since this kimchi is getting sourer when you keep it longer in a fridge. This cucumber kimchi is the healthy food that you are dying for! Though the steps to make this kimchi are super easy to follow, prepare all the ingredients carefully.


  • Water in 1 cup
  • Korean chili powder as much two tablespoons
  • Minced ginger as much two tablespoons
  • Minced six garlic cloves
  • Chopper 1-inch length of 3 scallions
  • Sea salt as much three teaspoons
  • Fish sauce or gluten-free soy sauce as much two tablespoons
  • Kirby cucumbers, 1 ½ pounds


  1. Take a knife, cutting board, and cucumbers. Use the knife for trim and cut the cucumbers into the shapes of spears. Take a large bowl and put in all of the chopped cucumbers. Add scallions, ginger, soy sauce, garlic, salt, and chili powder. Toss them until they’re well mixed.
  2. Then, take glass jars. Transfer the mixture into the jars and add some water. Then, cover the kimchi tightly. For 24 hours, let the kimchi sit in the kitchen. Remove it to the fridge. You can serve the kimchi after fridge it for several days. You will get more flavor the pickles much longer you refrigerate it.

How were the steps to make a spicy Korean cucumber kimchi refrigerator pickles? Very effortless, right? You can practice it less than 15 minutes without hardness in your house. For your information, this Kirby cucumber also can you buy in the market. You also can prepare some adding jars because this kimchi is up to 12 servings. No need worried to try this recipe. You can make healthy food for a healthy lifestyle. Good luck and enjoy.


The food we cook is a reflection of our love for each other and for the things that nourish us. We want to share what we know with others, too, so that they can experience the warmth of a home-cooked meal from those who love them best.

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