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Pear Baby Food Recipe 100% Organic

By: Laura

Pear is one of the fruits that have high fiber value. This can be used as the best aid to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Moreover, it can also help decrease the baby’s constipation. Besides, other nutrients included in pear are potassium and vitamin C with no sodium, and saturated fats or even cholesterol. If your baby is suffering a reflux disease, you may give this healthy fruit which tastes gentle on the baby’s tummy. When you cook this fruit, you don’t need to peel the skin off since it is good for your baby and is easy to digest.  If you have a four or six month age of the infant, then you need to try this recipe as one of your great baby food.

How to make Pear Baby Food Recipe 100% organic

By: Laura

The best way to serve pears to your toddler is by making them into a puree. Here, you don’t need to cook the pear first even if the fruits are ripe. However, a gently steaming is recommended for those infants who just start to consume solid food. In this recipe, you only need a ripe pear as the only ingredient that you use. To get a better quality of pear then you may choose the original one. Besides, it is also related to the title menu which will serve a hundred percent organic food which means that the ingredients and the process are organic too.


  • A ripe organic pear


First, you need to start by peeling off the skin of the pear. Then, use a food blender to mash the pear to make a puree. Mash the fruit based on the consistency that you want. After that, you can add cereal to thicken up your pear puree. However, this is optional. You may add this cereal or not.

Such a very simple and easy puree to make! If you want to add more ingredients in your pear puree, then you may add some, such as yogurt, chicken, sweet potato, peaches, mango, blueberries, bananas, avocado, apples and much more. Those ingredients will be combined perfectly with the puree. Additionally, other pear baby food recipes are also available for you to try, such as yummy baked pears, baked pears with oatmeal and dates, etc. Select one menu that your baby likes the most and create a smile on your baby’s face that will always be there right after eating this Pear Baby Food Recipe 100% Organic.


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