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Peanut Butter Cup Pretzels

Prepare time: 10 min Cook: 3 min Ready in: 13 min

The Christmas is the best time to make peanut butter cup pretzels. The sweet cookies which become the tradition for Christmas, almost in all house serve this cookie. It’s the unique technique when you make it. The melted peanut and candy will result in the sweet at all. Such a cute gift if packed the peanut butter cup pretzels using the wrap and gives the ribbon on it. Your friends will love and impress the meal. The red, green and white melted candies will create the awesome display. Curious how to make it?

How to Make Peanut Butter Cup Pretzels

The pretzel is the baked bread type that produces any shape. Circle, square, triangle, Christmas tree and many more. To make the peanut butter cup pretzels, you freely choose the shape of the pretzel that you desired. But here, the Christmas tree shape is highly recommended for you. Why? Because it will result in the unique form too. For the topping on it, buy the green, red and white candies. Red symbolizes Santa, green for immortality and white for the holiness. Without further do, here the simple guide for you.


  • 40 Christmas pretzels (you can add more depends on how much that you make)
  • 50 mini peanut butter cups (use Reese’s product or other)
  • The red, white and green candies, ¼ cup for each.
  • The sprinkles


  1. Take a baking sheet and covered with silicone baking mat. Arrange 20 pretzels on it. Then, put the peanut butter cup on each pretzels. After that, baked in the oven to melt the peanut butter over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s needed 2-3 minutes only. Ensure that the buttercups hold their shape.
  2. Remove immediately from oven and put the pretzels on top, press gently. In a separate small bowl, melt the candies using a microwave. It’s work quickly. So, don’t be careless. Drizzle the melted candy by using the spoon or little bottle. Do it, in turn, each candy color.
  3. For the last, pour the sprinkle over the cookies. Store in refrigerator for about 30 minutes to get the better taste. The super easy peanut butter cup pretzels are ready to serve. Enjoy these cookies at least two weeks before being moldy, so keep the temperature and store in the refrigerator.

After reading this article, still, believe that the Christmas meals are complicated to do? It’s wrong. The people who have no talent for cooking will get the understanding and should try to practice this recipe. It’s highly recommended to enjoy it accompanied by coffee or milk.


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