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Food List That Start With “A”

When you want to make a healthy and nutritious meal, you should think about what is good for your health. Many types of food begin with the letter “a” such as apples, avocados, almonds, and bananas. However, not all fruits and vegetables start with “a,” like broccoli, cheese, and cauliflower.

59 Food List That Start With “A”

Here we are listed 37 best food that with a which is healthy and delicious. Let’s dive in,

1. Abacha

In Nigeria, a type of food called Abacha is often eaten for breakfast. In the local language, it’s called “Abachaa,” which means cassava in English. It is made from cassava flour and water and can be boiled with sugar for a sweeter taste. 

Fried plantains are a popular side dish to go with this dish, and in some parts of Nigeria, they are considered a staple part of the breakfast.

2. Apple Tart

Apple tarts are a traditional dessert in many cultures, and there are many varieties of them across the globe. The French apple tart is made with puff pastry and is filled with apples and brown sugar.

The British version is made with shortcrust pastry and is often served with custard sauce. This dessert has been enjoyed for centuries, both as a traditional dish at dinner time, as well as an after dinner treat to finish off the night.

3. Apple Pie

The apple pie is a traditional American dish consisting of pastry dough, sugar, spices, butter, eggs, and usually apples. When baked, the pie’s crust becomes crisp while the filling turns soft and sweet. The apple pie is often served with ice cream or whipped cream on top.

As an iconic American dish that can often be found at roadside stands in the countryside during the fall, the apple pie has deep roots in many aspects of our culture.

4. Apple Strudel

A German pastry with a sweet and flaky crust, apple strudel is traditionally prepared with apples, cinnamon, raisins, and sometimes nuts. The filling is spread in a flat sheet in the middle of the dough and then rolled up to create a spiral shape. 

A dessert that can be made in just 30 minutes or less, apple strudel is a recipe that has been around for centuries in Europe and America.

5. Applesauce

Applesauce is a traditional American dish that is typically eaten during the fall months and is usually made with fresh apples. Many people use apple sauce in their recipes to add sweetness and texture to baked goods.

The most common way of preparing applesauce is by cooking it on the stove or in an oven.

6. Applesauce Cake

Applesauce Cake is a moist, dense cake that can be served either warm or chilled. It is generally topped with sugar syrup and whipped cream. Applesauce cake originated in the Midwest because of the large apple production in the region. It has become popular in places outside of this region due to its ease to make and its wide range of flavors.

Homemade applesauce cakes are easy to make when you have the right ingredients on hand.

I don’t know about you, but I love to make applesauce cookies every fall. This is a great project for children to do with an adult. They can help mix the dough and measure the ingredients while the adult does the baking portion.

When they are done, the best way to know is to poke them with a toothpick or fork. If they are done, you’ll have a soft dough that doesn’t hold together anymore when you press on it.

8. Apple and Blackberry Pie

Apple and Blackberry Pie is a dessert with many variations. The most common version of this pie is made with blackberries cooked in a mixture of sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, water, and lemon juice until thickened.

Then they are poured into an unbaked pie crust and topped with apple slices . Other versions include substituting strawberries for the blackberries or other fruits for the apples.

9. Apple Dumpling

Apple Dumpling is a classic American dessert that many people make on Thanksgiving or Christmas. It consists of an apple pie filling on top of a dumpling dough shaped like an apple.

The dumpling dough comes out more fluffy and almost biscuit-like in texture on the inside, while the outside is chewy, similar to pie crust.

10. Apple Fritters

Apple cakes are a delicious, yet simple dessert that can be prepared in just minutes. They are often made with apple pie filling, but they are much less expensive to prepare when they are made without the use of store-bought products.

Apples are sautéed in butter before mixed with sugar, cinnamon and eggs. Once baked, these treats can be topped with powdered sugar or drizzled with maple syrup for an extra sweet treat.

11. Apple Ice Cream

Apple ice cream is a frozen dessert that tastes just as good as a fresh apple pie. It’s made by combining sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and chopped nuts.

The ingredients are mixed and the mixture is chilled in the freezer before scooped into containers. This treat is great for those warm summer days because it melts fast!

12. Apricot Ice Cream

Apricot ice cream is an easy way to introduce more fruit into your diet. Apricots are a summer fruit, but this recipe can be enjoyed all year round. The apricot infused custard gives the ice cream a smooth and creamy texture that will leave you wanting more. The apricot liqueur adds a subtle flavor which pairs well with the vanilla from the ice cream base.

13. Artichoke Pie (Agginaropita)

Feeling like making an artichoke pie? The traditional Greek dish Agginaropita is a classic American spinach pie.

Traditionally made with feta cheese, this recipe substitutes artichoke for that salty punch. This hot dip is perfect for when you’re feeling like something savory and homemade.

Aniseed Cookie is a traditional British tea-time treat. The cookies are made with aniseed, flour, egg, butter (or margarine), and sugar. They are shaped like rounds and baked at low temperature to maintain the moisture in the cookie. 

The cookies are typically stored in an airtight container or wrapped in tin foil to keep them fresh for days. Some even call them “Christmas cookies” because they’re often served at Christmas time.

Angle Cake

A traditional holiday dessert recipe, Angle Cake is baked in a Bundt pan. It can be made with any cake mix, but it is typically topped with glaze and almonds. The name “Angle Cake” derives from the cake’s shape when placed into the Bundt pan – it’s an angled cake!

Diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, Angle Cakes are what you’re looking for this holiday season.

Angel Hair Pasta

Angel hair pasta dishes are light and airy, perfect for spicy sauces like my favorite, arrabiata. Angel hair is the thinnest of pastas, making it perfect for light sauces that can’t overpower the delicate pasta. When cooking angel hair dishes, know that they only take 3 minutes to cook.

Asian Pear

Asian pears are a delicious fruit that can be used in various ways. Asian pear recipes can be sweet or savory. They have a thin skin, a smooth, crunchy texture, and flavors ranging from buttery to sour.

Alphabet Soup

What is Alphabet Soup? You might ask. This simple dish consists of a broth mixed with milk and other ingredients such as vegetables, pasta, rice, and seasoning. It can be served as a soup or as a side dish. There are variations of alphabet soup recipes in many cultures to suit regional tastes and food availability. 

Apple Butter

Apple butter is a sweet and slightly spicy preserve made from apples. While it’s traditionally served on toast, it can be used in various recipes from sauces to ice cream. A homemade batch can be made by cooking apple sauce until it reaches a thick consistency.

The apples are usually peeled, cored, and cut into chunks before being cooked down for between 4-6 hours.

Apple Juice

Apple juice is a healthy drink that provides various benefits for the human body. It contains a lot of vitamins, including antioxidants and flavanoids.

Apple juice can be a great way to get important daily nutrients without the hassle of snacking all day long.

Drinking apple juice can have many benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels, helping with weight loss, reducing risk of stroke and heart disease, and may even help lower blood pressure.

Ancho Chiles

Ancho chiles are a type of dried, smoked and then ground chile pepper related to the poblano. They are moderately spicy and have a slightly sweet flavor with raisin and dark chocolate notes.

Ancho chiles can be used for cooking savory dishes like carne asada and mole sauce, or they can be transformed into a special version of hot chocolate by adding some milk or cream, cocoa powder, sugar and cinnamon.

Aberdeen Angus Steaks

Known for its lean and delicious beef, the Aberdeen Angus cow is steak lovers. They can be found in most grocery stores, but they’re often sold out due to their popularity. If you’re lucky enough to find some on the shelf, you should try cooking it over a hot grill or sear them in a pan with butter. 

Aberdeen Angus cows are a favorite among steak lovers for two reasons: their lean meat and mouth-watering taste.

Andouille Sausage

Andouille is a type of Cajun sausage made of pork and garlic. It is often used in dishes such as jambalaya, gumbo, and etouffée. Andouille is widely available in Louisiana but can also be found throughout the United States.

Andouille is a popular type of Cajun sausage made of pork and garlic.

Animal Crackers

Many people think of animal crackers as a snack for young children, but they are an iconic American cookie. Animal crackers have been produced by the companies Keebler and Nabisco for over 100 years. They were originally made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by James H. Freckenberg.

Asiago Cheese

There are many types of cheeses in the world, but the most popular are probably still mozzarella and cheddar. But what about Asiago?

It is one of the most expensive specialty cheeses, running at an average of $25 a pound. This cheese is produced in rural mountain regions in Italy and Spain. It’s so expensive because it’s made with raw milk and sometimes washed with white wine or grape juice before aging.

Alaskan King Crab

Alaskan king crab is a popular seafood eaten around the world. Their high-quality meat and rich, sweet flavor has made them a much sought after culinary delicacy. Alaska’s fisheries make up about 80% of the total Alaskan King Crab catch in the world. These delicious crustaceans feed off of shrimp and other small invertebrates.

Apple Crisp

Apple crisp is a favorite fall and winter dessert that has been around for centuries. It is traditionally made by combining apples, sugar, butter, cinnamon, cornstarch and oatmeal to create a filling that’s then topped with a crumbly topping of oats and flour (sometimes brown sugar). The crisp can be served warm or cold after it has cooled off.


Amala is one of the most famous dishes in Southern Indian cuisine. It consists of rice, lentils, beans, and various other vegetables. The dish is typically eaten with sambar or rasam sauces.

Although Amala can be made with any variety of beans or lentils, the most popular type is black-eyed peas and red bean curry. It was said that Amala originated in Tamil Nadu’s Pudhucherry region during colonial rule.


Amaranth is one of the oldest domesticated cereal crops. It was originally domesticated in pre-Columbian times by indigenous people in Central America, where it still grows today.

Amaranth is a gluten-free pseudocereal that has an almost unlimited variety of uses as a foodstuff and as a raw material for other products. Amaranth is grown for its seeds, which are used to produce flour, breakfast cereals, and more.


Ambrosia is a dish that was said to be created by the gods of ancient Greece. It was so delicious, it provided eternal life. This food existed during an age where access to fresh foods wasn’t as common as it is today. What people may not realize, however, is the fact that the ancient Greeks weren’t actually the ones who named this dish “ambrosia”.


Amchoor is a fruit, also known as mango powder. Amchoor is used in many Indian dishes, including tamarind chutney, pickles, and masala. The flavor of amchoor is tangy and acidic. Amchoor can be found wild or cultivated where it has been introduced, primarily in India.


There are many types of foods that people either love or hate. Some of these foods include avocado, broccoli, and anchovies.

Anchovies are small, saltwater fish that can be found canned in most grocery stores across the country. Most anchovy lovers enjoy this simple yet flavor-packed addition to dishes like pizza, pasta sauces, and salads.


A spread of cured meats, vegetables, cheese, olives, and more is what you might see on the table before your family gathers for dinner. Antipasto is a classic Italian dish meant to be served as a starter before the main course.

Popular antipasto dishes include vegan antipasto salad, antipasto platter, or this recipe for crispy baked eggplant.


Appam is a popular dish found in many parts of India. The dish’s popularity dates back to the 16th century. Appam is made by adding rice flour and coconut milk to boiling water, then mixing it with sugar, salt, and oil. It is then steamed in a banana leaf or aluminum foil for ten minutes. A popular way to eat appam is to top it with butter, grated coconut, jaggery syrup, or yogurt.


Apricots are a fruit with a high amount of Vitamin A, C, and Beta-carotene, which are anti-inflammatory properties. Their taste can be described as sweet but with an acidity that balances it.

Apricots are also rich in potassium, minerals, and copper. The apricot tree has been around since the 17th century BCE in Central Asia.


Aguachile is a traditional Mexican dish consisting of raw seafood mixed with lime juice, such as shrimp and octopus. It’s often served with in-shell cacahuate (peanuts) and vegetables such as red onion and cucumber. Aguachile has been a staple of coastal Mexican cuisine since the 15th century. Its popularity has increased in recent years, fueling its presence on menus in restaurants and bars across the globe.


Arancini are a type of fried risotto ball that is popular in Italy. It is made of leftover risotto, breadcrumbs, eggs, and grated cheese. These ingredients are mixed to form the arancini batter. The batter is then poured into a pan filled with oil so that the arancini are not touching each other.


The arepa is the national dish of Venezuela, and is also popular in Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. 

There are many varieties of this type of meal. Numerous varieties exist both in different countries and in different regions of a single country. 

Typically, they consist of cooked ground corn dough shaped into a round patty and then baked or steamed. They can also be deep-fried or grilled with cheese inside to make a sandwich.


Arrabiata is an Italian dish made up of pasta with a spicy tomato sauce. It originated in the mid-1970s, when it was created by two restaurant owners who wanted to capture the tastes of southern Italy in one dish.

Originally named after the arrabbiata sauce it contained, the Olive Garden restaurant renamed their dish “arrabbiata” because it conveyed more of what the dish was about.

Arroz con Huevos

An excellent breakfast dish, arroz con huevos, is a flavorful combination of rice and eggs. Usually made with chicken broth and peas, the dish can be made vegetarian by substituting vegetable stock for the chicken broth. This classic Spanish-influenced dish has been adopted by many cultures from all over the world. It is a favorite breakfast in Latin American countries and in Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Arroz con Maiz

Arroz con Maiz is a traditional Dominican dish consisting of rice and corn. The dish is usually ground beef, sauteed onions, red pepper, and green olives. Arroz con Maiz can be either a side dish or the main course in a meal. It is a very easy recipe to make and can also be made vegan depending on what ingredients are used.

Arroz con Pollo

Arroz con Pollo is a food that was created in the Dominican Republic. It consists of rice and chicken cooked in a tomato and garlic sauce and it’s usually served with tostones (fried plantains). The dish is often paired with beans and fried eggs.

Arroz con Pollo is a very common dish in Latin America, but Cubans love this dish because it features two national staples: rice and chicken.


Artichokes seem like a vegetable reserved for the appetizer table, but they are a nutritious and delicious side dish. They pack potassium and magnesium, plenty of fiber, and lots of Vitamin C.

One artichoke contains only 30 calories and has just 1 gram of fat. With such a low calorie intake, you can enjoy them as an indulgence without worry!


Arugula is a leafy green, peppery-flavored vegetable best eaten raw in salads or sandwiches. Some people like to eat the leaves like lettuce while others might enjoy them drizzled with olive oil and fresh lemon juice. It also can be served steamed or stir-fried. Arugula has small seeds on the outside of the leaves that cannot be seen without spreading open the top layer.


Asado, the Argentinian national dish, is usually prepared in a barbecue where the meat is cooked over an open fire. It is most often made with beef or pork, but can also be made with horse or ostrich. The word “asado” means “grilled” in Spanish and, depending on the region of Argentina it’s being prepared in, may also refer to other types of grilled dishes such as seafood.


Ashcake, the traditional Southern dessert consisting of a griddle cake cooked in ashes, is more than just a regional specialty. The dish is part of Appalachian culture and passed down for generations. Modernized versions of the cake are easier to make, but are still eaten around the country during Halloween celebrations. 

The origins of this popular dessert are uncertain. Some legends say it originated with the Cherokee people who would use local leaves for flavoring.


Ahriche, a traditional southern dish of Louisiana cuisine, is a complex dish that consists of fried catfish, crawfish, shrimp, French fries, and an oyster dressing. This combination of ingredients is then topped with fresh tomato relish made from chopped onions, green tomatoes, sugar, water, vinegar, saltand pepper. It can be served as a salad or a side dish to accompany any dish.


Aioli is a Mediterranean sauce made from garlic, olive oil, and eggs. It is served as a dipping sauce for seafood and vegetables, but it can also flavor cooked pasta dishes. It can be prepared by hand, or with an immersion blender.

There are many variations of Aioli that you might encounter when traveling abroad. While the most common variations are garlic mayonnaise, spicy Aioli typically contains cayenne pepper or crushed red pepper flakes.


Ajika is an Eastern Mediterranean spice mix that usually contains garlic, coriander, caraway, cumin, black pepper, savory, turmeric, salt and chili peppers. Its main purpose is to add flavor to food. Ajika can be used as a marinade or added to dishes during the cooking phase. The Garlic Ajika is not too hot with just enough heat for those who need a little bit of spice in their life.


Ajvar is a Balkan specialty served as a side dish with grilled meats, or as a topping for rice or pasta. It can come in any color, depending on the number of red pepper flakes the chef uses. Ajvar is traditionally made by boiling eggplant, turning it into pulp, adding an oil-based salad dressing and seasoning it with salt, vinegar, sugar and hot pepper.


Akara is a popular Nigerian snack made with mashed up beans and cassava. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The beans provide protein while the cassava provides carbohydrates. Akara also contains some fiber and magnesium which are important for digestion. If you are not sure what to cook for dinner, you should give akara a try!

Akara is a traditional Nigerian dish consisting of mashed black-eyed peas and cassava flour.


The Atlantic albacore has a popular reputation in the fishing industry. These fish are in high demand because they are popular for food and their high-quality flesh, which is often used to make top-quality sashimi. As a result, they are always on the market because consumers are willing to buy them.


Albóndigas is a Spanish dish made from a variety of ingredients. Some recipes call for beef, pork or chicken meat, which is first lightly browned and then cooked over low heat with onion, garlic, potatoes, eggs and seasonings. The mixture is shaped into small balls and simmered in a tomato sauce until the potatoes are cooked through.


The beautiful, yet humble alewife is a small fish found in the Atlantic Ocean. Their color ranges from blue-silver to brown, and they can usually be found schooling near the surface. Although they are not the most common fish in the sea, they have inhabited coastal areas, bays, estuaries, and lagoons.

Allemande Sauce

Allemande Sauce is a white sauce typically served with poultry and fish dishes. It can also be used as a base for many soups and stews, especially French onion soup. One key ingredient in allemande sauce is hard boiled eggs, making it a rich, smooth texture. The sauce consists of shallots, butter, salt, pepper, water, vinegar or lemon juice, heavy cream, and egg yolks.


Allspice is the dried berry of an evergreen tree native to the Caribbean. It has a sweet, spicy flavor that helps enhance the flavor of traditional dishes. Allspice is especially popular in Caribbean cooking, but can be used in any dish called cinnamon or nutmeg. When purchasing allspice, look for whole berries that are dark brown with a matte finish. The aroma should be spicy but not bitter.

Alfredo Sauce

Today, many people turn to canned Alfredo sauce because it is quick and easy to make. It can also be cost effective when compared with other sauces. When you are in the mood for something that tastes indulgent, you will want to try this recipe out.


Alheira is a Portuguese sausage consisting of wheat flour, garlic, salt pork, and spices. It’s most commonly seen in the Alentejo region of Portugal. The word “alheira” is derived from the Arabic word “halwa” meaning baked dough.


Almonds are nutritious, rich in nutrients including vitamin E, potassium, magnesium and more. They are delicious with various foods and make a great addition to any diet. Almonds are also high in monounsaturated fat which is good for the heart. It is important to remember that almonds contain some carbs so they may not be best for low-carb diets.


When it comes to comfort food, you really can’t beat the delicious taste of atole.

Atole is a sweet and spicy Mexican drink that is typically served cold. 

It’s a mixture of water, masa harina (cornmeal), and flavorings such as cinnamon, anise seed, vanilla bean, and cloves. 

Atole is a popular beverage in Mexico since it is considered a traditional holiday dish.

Final Words

In conclusion, plenty of healthy food start with the letter A. I encourage you to experiment with new foods and enjoy the many benefits of these options.

Many fresh, healthy food options start with the letter A. Don’t be afraid to try out some new choices to reap the benefits!


The food we cook is a reflection of our love for each other and for the things that nourish us. We want to share what we know with others, too, so that they can experience the warmth of a home-cooked meal from those who love them best.

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