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Take Stunning Bluebonnet Photos With These 10 Tips

Did you know there’s a special day dedicated to celebrating the wildflowers of Texas? No? Well surprise, today’s that day! April 24 is Texas State Wildflower Day, and no wildflower is more recognized in the Lone Star State than its very own flower, the bluebonnet. That naturally makes this the perfect day to share the bluebonnet photos I snapped of… Read More

Autumn at the Arboretum + Halloween Highlights

The Dallas Arboretum is the best come fall. Especially being that, here in Texas, fall weather comes late—long after the first pumpkin sightings at the grocery store and the PSL is back in season at your favorite coffee shop. There’s something about tens of thousands of pumpkins that makes you believe it’s actually autumn, even while you’re sweating… Read More

First Day of School, Ever!

Well hey there! Remember me? I know I’ve been terribly MIA from the blog, but I’m back and will try to play catch up as best I can, though I’m so incredibly behind now. Hopefully you’ve caught some glimpses of our summer fun on Instagram in the meantime. I took the whole summer off, and we had… Read More

Sand Writing + More Learning Games for Kids

We just got back from a beach vacation, and one of my 2-year-old’s favorite things to do was scour the sand for seashells the tide washed up on the shore. He gathered up a nice little collection that we ended up bringing home with us and that he’s adorably proud of. :) The shells are currently doing double-duty as a sweet… Read More

Ecocentric Mom Box Review

March 2016 Mom & Baby Box It’s Earth Day, which makes it the perfect time to share with you the special-edition Ecocentric Mom box I received celebrating 1% for the Planet. If you aren’t familiar with 1% for the Planet, it’s a nonprofit organization with more than 1,200 member companies worldwide that pledge to give 1% of their sales to sustainability-oriented… Read More

Sunday Snapshot: Parisian Vibes

We celebrated my son’s second birthday last weekend with a Paris-themed party, complete with Eiffel Tower-shaped cookies and plenty of the delicious food and pastries France is known for. This little guy is obsessed with the Eiffel Tower! Or the “idol” as he adorably calls it. :) C had so much fun at his party, and I’m so… Read More

St. Patrick’s Day Handprint Rainbow Art

My almost-2-year-old (gasp!) toddler has been all about his colors lately, naming them on various objects as we go about our day. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I thought, what better way to foster his interest in colors than making a rainbow! We made this colorful handprint rainbow art over the weekend, and it was… Read More

How to Take Your Child’s Passport Photo

Traveling abroad is expensive (though certainly worth it—even with kids in tow!), so cutting down on travel costs where you can is a must. While you can’t save money on those pricey passport application fees, you can save money by taking your own passport photos. The cost of having a passport photo taken at a drugstore… Read More

Sunday Snapshot: A Hug for Winnie the Pooh

Here I am planning out and dreaming about our next Disney experience, and I realized that I only shared one (ONE!) photo of our day at Disneyland, which makes me a little sad because one of my favorite memories of my son happened there. You know, the kind of moment you’ll hold on to and cherish forever, the kind… Read More

Ecocentric Mom Box Review

December 2015 Mom & Baby Box I was so impressed with my first Mom & Baby Box that when Ecocentric Mom asked me if I would like to receive another one to discover some new eco-friendly products, of course I said yes! It’s so much fun to get a package in the mail filled with good-for-you things that… Read More