Vintage Airplane Party Invitation + Paper Details

I hope you’ve been enjoying the look back at our first year! This will be the last post in baby C’s first birthday series, and it’s about time for me to move on anyway, considering his first birthday was a few months ago now and I’ve just been hanging on to a false reality that it just happened, like, last weekend or something. Sigh. My baby is growing up too fast.

Vintage Airplane Party Invitation + Paper Details | Savvy Sweet Life

a few snaps from his 1-year photo session (Simply That Photography)

To finish the series, I’m sharing the party invitation and printable paper details I designed to use as decorations. For his first birthday, I wanted to choose a theme that resonated with his first year. A travel theme centered around vintage airplanes felt like the perfect choice to me. After all, his first year “flew by” faster than I would have ever thought possible. He rode on his first airplane just before his first birthday and loved it! And travel is one of my greatest joys and passions, and something I want my son to experience wholly throughout his life.

For his party, I decided to incorporate worldly things, globes, vintage airplanes, suitcases and other travel-related items. I loved the idea of using the old red-and-blue airmail border around all the printable paper details to add that nostalgia and vintage feel, but I modernized it to fit the color scheme I wanted to use.

Here’s what I came up with:

Vintage Airplane Party Invitation + Paper Details | Savvy Sweet Life

paper details from top to bottom (not to scale): invitation, table signs, thank you card, water bottle wrap, straw flag, sweet toppers/table confetti, welcome door sign, guestbook table sign (airplane vector modified from

I would love for you to have another look at our Vintage Airplane First Birthday Party pictures to see these printables in action along with other fun party details! Did you throw a themed party for your baby’s first birthday? What theme did you choose?

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    1. Hi Sneha,

      I’m so glad you like the designs! Unfortunately, everything would have to be customized (I just made them generic here with [baby] and other placeholders as to not post my personal info). If you’re interested in that, feel free to send me a note through my Contact page and we can talk about it further. Thanks so much for reaching out, and good luck with the party planning for your son’s birthday!

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