Throwback Thursday: Baby Shower

If you’ve been following along since I first started blogging a few months ago, you might remember me writing in my introductory blog post that I was looking forward to revisiting some of the wonderful memories of my life preblog and sharing them with you. Well, here I am with my first Throwback Thursday, throwing it back to my baby shower last February.

I can’t believe it’s already been a year since then. I feel like I’ve probably said, “I can’t believe it’s already been …” so much in reference to everything involving my baby boy, but it’s true—your baby’s first year really does fly by. Too fast.

My amazing best friend of 18 years and her equally amazing mom threw me the loveliest shower to celebrate Baby C’s arrival. I wanted to be able to repurpose my shower decorations and use them in the nursery afterward, so my best friend graciously let me be involved in the planning, which I appreciated. We had a secret Pinterest board we used to share ideas, and it was a blast. I’ve got major heart for party planning and decorating, so she let me have my input and still incorporated a lot of thoughtful surprises that I adored.


adorable diaper cake made by my BFF host  //  gorgeous buttercream + fondant bakery cake on the outside, layers of awesomeness on the inside  //  table of eats + sweets and a triangle banner made with cardstock and twine  //  onesie cookies made by my mother-in-law, who always lets me send her color swatches and images I like and then follows through with the cutest cookies every time  //  painted mason jar with burlap ribbon—plenty of these in different color combinations used as vases throughout

Most of the shower was DIY, with the exception of the delicious cake—yum! The color scheme featured shades of blue with gray accents. Baby C was showered with so many gifts, which helped me feel more prepared for his arrival. I hate being the center of attention, so opening presents in front of everyone is never near the top of my list. However, we found this perfect baby shower bingo game for us to play during it, which seemed to be a lot of fun for everyone and took some of the attention off of me. Win-win!

One of my favorite parts of the shower was that my friends and family wrote sweet messages to me (wishes + advice) and baby (hopes for the future). Becoming a mom for the first time is a roller coaster of emotions, so it was comforting and encouraging to read these sweet love notes. I totally recommend doing something like this for any type of shower or event—I’m so glad to have these precious keepsakes to place in C’s baby book and look back on fondly.


It was fun to go through my baby shower pictures again and remember all the excitement surrounding that day. It was such a beautiful day filled with a lot of love, and I was incredibly blessed and thankful to have so many loved ones there who came to celebrate with me. C is one loved baby boy!

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