Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey Hat

I loved arts and crafts in grade school, and having a child makes me feel nostalgic for all the great ones I did when I was a little girl. If you’re looking for a fun Thanksgiving craft for kids, there’s none better than a festive turkey hat for your little one to wear! It’s a timeless craft that I bet you can remember making as a child, and now your own child can make one too. I had to let that sink in for a minute. ;)

Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey Hat | Savvy Sweet Life

This craft is typically done by tracing your child’s hand onto construction paper and cutting the handprints out, but … that’s asking a lot of a toddler boy. So our version has a little twist in that it uses real handprints. I love it even more than the traditional way, and my son had a lot of fun making the turkey’s feathers with finger paint. Handprint crafts for little ones are great because they get messy play and you get a keepsake. Win-win!

  • white card stock
  • brown card stock
  • finger paints
  • glue stick
  • scissors

Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey Hat | Savvy Sweet Life

Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey Hat | Savvy Sweet Life

We started with the handprints so they would have time to dry. I used a round synthetic artist sponge that I already had to evenly apply the finger paint directly onto my son’s hand. The consistency of finger paint is thick, so the sponge application is worth doing to prevent huge globs of paint. Then I helped him press his hand down onto the white card stock. Make sure to use paint that’s safe for children (nontoxic, washable)—here’s a popular finger paint kit from Crayola, or you can even make your own. Finger paint cleans right off with a baby wipe so it’s easy to switch colors.

Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey Hat | Savvy Sweet Life

After the paint dried, I cut out his handprints with scissors. We did 10 handprints total, two in each color (red, blue, orange, green and yellow). To make the band for the hat, I cut out two strips of brown card stock around 3 inches tall and used the glue stick to attach them together after measuring around my son’s head. I used card stock instead of construction paper so that the hat would be more durable. I also used this heavy-duty glue stick because I didn’t think a regular one would be strong enough to hold the card stock band together. So far, the hat has held up to my toddler!

Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey Hat | Savvy Sweet Life

I cut out a freehand turkey from the rest of the brown card stock. C was free to globby finger paint while I was doing the cutting, and I used his sheet of paper afterward to cut out the turkey’s features (so you don’t need red or yellow paper—just have your child finger paint those colors on the white card stock). I glued two handprint “feathers” to the turkey and the rest to the back of the band overlapping each other.

Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey Hat | Savvy Sweet Life

C is still too little for scissors and glue so I put it all together for him, but of course this can be more independent and modified for older children to enjoy as well. The final step is gluing the turkey to the front of the band, and you end up with an adorable handprint turkey hat for you child to wear through Thanksgiving.

Even cuter than the turkey hat itself is when C walks around saying, “gobble, gobble, gobble” while he’s wearing the turkey hat. He’s so into animal sounds lately. You can’t help but giggle at silly toddler moments like that!

Thanksgiving Handprint Turkey Hat | Savvy Sweet Life

Handprint crafts are a great way to preserve just how small their hands were at one time. The other day my husband and I compared the size of C’s first handprint and footprint to the size they are now, and wow—such a big difference in just a year and a half!

I eventually plan on flattening the band and putting his handprint turkey hat away as a keepsake and reminder of our first Thanksgiving craft together—one that I hope created a fond memory for his childhood and brought back fond memories of mine.

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    1. Oh, how fun! I hope you all enjoy your first Thanksgiving meal. It’s one of my favorite holidays here in the US. I love experiencing holidays and traditions that are celebrated in other countries and cultures!

  1. Oh you have just made me all excited about Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to share it this year with my kids as they are older now and can understand a bit more since we live in the UK. This is a cute little project. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round! #sharewithme

  2. So cute! It’s great that you take the time to do things like this and form lasting memories with your little one. I can’t wait to see what you get up to for Christmas!

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