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Autumn at the Arboretum + Halloween Highlights

The Dallas Arboretum is the best come fall. Especially being that, here in Texas, fall weather comes late—long after the first pumpkin sightings at the grocery store and the PSL is back in season at your favorite coffee shop. There’s something about tens of thousands of pumpkins that makes you believe it’s actually autumn, even while you’re sweating… Read More

Sunday Snapshot: Perfectly Fall

We broke out the long sleeves and pants today for the first time this season. Hooray! I woke up freezing this morning and felt so excited about it that I switched from the A/C to the heater and then spent part of the morning packing away into bins most of C’s summer clothes that I know… Read More

Fall Pumpkin Patch Felt Board

I gushed in our summer recap that it was cooling off and the high temperatures here had dropped down to the 80s, but I spoke too soon. Our hot Texas summer keeps dragging on into fall, and it’s 99 degrees today in mid-October! For those of you with little ones AND perfect autumn weather, here’s… Read More