Sunday Snapshot: Baby’s First Haircut

This “baby’s first” was really hard for me. I absolutely was not ready for it.

This is one of those times when I think it would be easier to have a little girl because you don’t have to worry about a first haircut for years, and by then it’s probably easier to deal with. But my baby boy is already growing up too fast, and I was afraid a haircut would surely take away that last bit of his “babyness” I’m holding on to. He would all of a sudden look like a big boy, and that I’m not ready for yet. Are there any other moms of boys who felt this way?

Yes, my son’s hair was approaching mullet status, and I totally would have let it! But my husband had been on my case about getting C’s hair cut for a while. He had asked about a hundred times (not an exaggeration)—seriously every day for several months. At first I was able to dodge the “He really needs a haircut” remarks with variations of “Oh, that’s right, I keep meaning to look into that and haven’t had time …” but he caught on to that charade eventually. I was desperate to dodge the haircut, and he was relentless, haha.

Then my husband’s birthday came around, and he said all he wanted was for C to get a haircut. SO MEAN. Admittedly though, his hair was getting harder to manage, so I was warming up to the idea anyway. ;)

Sunday Snapshot: Baby's First Haircut | Savvy Sweet Life

It was a day shy of C turning 18 months old. One of my sweet mama friends who has a little girl C’s age and works at a men’s salon came over to cut his hair so he would be in comfortable surroundings. It was so wonderful of her to offer to do that for him (and me)! He just sat in his high chair, and she gave him an extra comb to play with.

Other than fussing at the beginning when we unsuccessfully tried to put the cape on him, getting his hair cut didn’t faze him at all. He was too preoccupied to shed a tear. In addition to the comb, I also conveniently distracted him with Cheddar Bunnies and the television.

I thought I would cry, but it was over before I really even could get too upset about it. Going into it though, I went back and forth on canceling so many times!

I’m so thankful my awesome friend gave us a great first haircut experience. She assured me she would just even it up and take off some length but that it wouldn’t look much different other than that. She was right. He still looks like my baby boy with his cute curls and wispy waves—minus the mullet!

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46 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: Baby’s First Haircut

  1. Awwww! I know the feeling! AJ’s first haircut was when he was 1! Because in our culture…no haircuts till they turn 1…suppose to actually shave it all off. He was born with a long tail & lots of long hair ☺️ By the time he was 1 he looked like a girl and too many people were saying…”Awwww she is so beautiful!” That was enough for me to cut his hair! Lol

    1. Aww, haha! Thank you for sharing that with me! Someone called C a girl one day too when he was wearing shades of blue … it was the weirdest thing, and his hair wasn’t even THAT long. If ever unsure, I think it would be better to go with something neutral, like, “What a beautiful baby!” rather than awkwardly assume incorrectly … right?! :)

    1. Ahh, that’s exactly how I was, Morgan! I just couldn’t do it! I am glad that I finally did, but it was so hard to get past the refusal to cut it. Good luck! The distractions worked well for us :)

  2. So cuuuute! I definitely felt more emotional about the first haircut with my second. I don’t know why! Those adorable curls were just so…little! But they had to be chopped and I did just fine. :) Thanks for sharing this special milestone!

    1. How neat that you’ve always cut your children’s hair! What a great way to save money too. And a genius way to make sure your son comes home often! :D I love it. Oh yes, they do change so much after a first haircut, which is what I was so nervous about. Thankfully the friend who cut my son’s hair didn’t do anything too drastic or different :)

  3. Aw, so sweet! I remember taking my little one to get her bangs cut the first time and was so misty-eyed through the whole thing! I still have those first locks of hair and plenty of photos! It’s such a huge milestone, but I imagine it’s even more so when you’ve got a little fella!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #mommymeetupmondays!

    1. Aww! I’m surprised I didn’t cry too after all of my constant back-and-forth worrying about it. I think it’s because I felt more comfortable with the whole experience being at home and with someone I knew cutting his hair. I saved a lock of hair too! :)

    1. He did really well and didn’t mind his haircut much at all, thankfully. My son also used to get upset over the blow-dryer, but he’s gotten over it now. I hope your daughter will soon too—I remember it being so hard to do my hair when he was a baby because I could never blow-dry it!

  4. I’m with you! I totally resisted getting my son’s haircut. But then we were in Disney and everyone we met kept thinking he was a girl. So we decided it was time. I was so shocked when he came home from his haircut with his dad looking like a big boy! Thanks for sharing this post at the Manic Mondays blog hop!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Meredith! My son has been called a girl before too. My play group moms and I were talking about this recently, and a couple of them have had their little girls called boys because they don’t have much hair yet. I really wish people would be more tactful and just say “Your baby is so … [cute, etc.]” rather than “He/She is so …” to avoid assuming. Maybe I’m being too sensitive about it, but I equate it to not asking a woman when her baby is due if you’re not 100% sure she’s pregnant. You just don’t do it. :)

  5. Aww bless! 1st haircuts are so tricky! I did the same and put it off with our daughter for a while until she desperately needed one! She was actually good for the first couple of cuts and now she wont have it done (shes just over 2yrs old!) but I am glad we got it done :)

    1. Oh no! I hope my son stays content with haircuts and doesn’t start getting upset about them. I’m sure it will be a totally different experience when we go to the barbershop for the first time. If only my friend could always make haircut house calls, hehe :)

      Thanks so much for your comment and for stopping by!

  6. I made a promise that I would not cut Caleb’s hair until he told us he wanted it cut. In my mind, I had figured that meant he wouldn’t need a haircut until he was at least three years old. But of course, shortly after his first birthday he started tugging at the hair that was touching his ear and whining. I let that go on for a little bit until I accepted that he didn’t want it and my husband trimmed his head. About six months later he started tugging on the hair above his ear, but this time he’d say “ow!”. My little drama king. So much for my plans. Right now it’s getting longer and I’m waiting for the “ow”s but I’m sticking to not cutting it until he asks. I’m really hoping he’ll actually let it grow out this time. Thanks for sharing at #monmymeetupmondays.

    1. Haha, Jules! I call my C a little drama king too! :D I like the idea of not cutting his hair until he asks. C’s was over his ears a bit, but that didn’t seem to bother him—it was more so when the front would fall into his eyes, but I could control that pretty easily. I would have let it grow out more if my husband wasn’t so adamant about wanting our son’s hair cut … gotta pick and choose your battles, right? ;)

    1. Very cool that you waited until he was 4, Merlinda! I hate that he wanted to cut it though because he was being teased in school :( I have a friend whose son is around that age and hasn’t had a haircut yet—he has gorgeous long hair!

  7. Ahhh so cute and I love that you can do it in the comfort of your own home. B screamed his head off at the salon his first haircut. Bless him. Thank you so much linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  8. Sounds like all went well with the first haircut – he looks very happy sitting in his chair and playing with the comb. My eldest had her first haircut at 1 day old as she had to have part of her head shaved to have a cannula put in – the nurses kept the hair they cut off for me and I still have it in her baby book. Glad that C still looks just as much your baby boy and that you saved one of his curls too.

    1. Oh my, bless her heart (and yours)! It was so thoughtful of the nurses to keep your daughter’s first cut of hair for you—I’m so glad! Even though it wasn’t in the best of circumstances, it’s really sweet that you have your baby’s hair from her very first day in the world :) I love that! Thank you so very much for stopping by and sharing your story, Louise!

  9. My son’s first haircut was heart-wrenching for me! He had the sweetest little curls at the ends of his hair and I loved them; his dad didn’t like them so much. Finally it was time for his first hair cut and just as I was afraid of, his curls never came back. I did keep a few of them for his baby book, though!

    1. Amy, I know exactly what you mean! I also love my son’s curls and my husband not so much. C still has his sweet little curls for now, even after his first haircut, but it will be a sad day if/when they disappear. It makes it a little easier to deal with though knowing that so many other mamas had a hard time with first haircuts too, and I’m not the only one :)

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