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Year-End Wrap-Up

I took an extended (and much-needed!) break from work and blogging for Christmas and the New Year, but I’ve been back to work for about a week or so now and feeling refreshed. OK, that was a big reach, let’s go with slightly less stressed but excited for the year ahead. Baby steps.

I’m in such a decluttering mood though to start the new year, which sparked me to add The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up to my reading list. Have you read it and applied the KonMari Method? I’m looking forward to more simplicity and getting rid of clutter—which seems to have amplified since having a baby—so I hope this best seller lives up to its hype!

Before I jump in to all things new, here are some snippets of how we spent our fall and holiday season.


Omni Dallas Hotel room decor + window sitting + view at night

While heading home on a road trip, we stopped in Dallas on my husband’s birthday and stayed the night at the Omni Dallas instead of just driving the rest of the way home. It was a nice break, and we got to have some fun downtown to celebrate his 30th birthday. Our room had a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling window overlooking downtown Dallas, and C was so amused by it. He danced around in front the window and took in the Dallas skyline with no fear (I, however, was a little freaked out with him being pressed up on the window 15 stories high). The view was spectacular though!


Random things a toddler finds fascinating: veggie shopping at the grocery store + watching our “vroom-vroom” take a bath (aka getting our car washed).


Hanging out post-hayride through a historic 1800s Western town + C trying to pick up the biggest pumpkin in the patch. We checked out a different local pumpkin patch this year, and he really enjoyed it.


Making goat friends + checking out the chicken cottage with Dada at the pumpkin patch.


A monster on the move during our library’s Halloween event + venturing out on Halloween, a little unsure at first + totally confident in his trick-or-treating skills. C got the hang of it so quick! After a couple houses of showing him what to do, he was knocking on doors and charming homeowners like a pro. This year he was a Wild Thing from the book Where the Wild Things Are.


Checking out his candy loot, which ended up being Mama and Dada’s (perks of having a little trick-or-treater, haha) + check out that face when he finds a lollipop! He did get to eat that one. :)


Another visit out to West Texas and our undergrad alma mater. My husband and I love Texas Tech and Lubbock, and we go back several times a year during football season. I’m so glad C gets the chance to visit campus so often and grow up around that atmosphere. He already knows how to put his “Guns Up” and loves football!


Exploring the university and checking out more campus artwork. I had to introduce my little reader to the fun book statues outside of the library and Student Union!


One of three football games C went to this season. I sacrificed my tailgating time to make sure we had a well-rested kiddo for game time. Here he is getting a 2-hour nap in between tailgating and the game (Um, has anyone else sat still for two hours in the front passenger seat of a car without being able to stretch your legs with a child sleeping on a neck pillow on your lap? Anyone?) + sporting Mama’s sunglasses in the stadium.


Family time on Thanksgiving ♥ + peek-a-boo in a playhouse at one of the outdoor play areas we frequent.


Checking out the elephants from afar at the Dallas Zoo on a warmish winter day + holding a giant leaf while pointing at a giant gorilla. By far my favorite picture of the day though was this one of C and a friend getting up close and personal with a lion!

Quick mom tip: If you have a child who likes to drop his or her cup, I love our SippiGrip (in the first picture). It totally makes life easier so you’re not constantly keeping up with where the cup is or bending down to pick it up repeatedly. While we’re on the subject of making life easier, I also love these straps that attach toys to the stroller, car seat, high chair or wherever so they don’t fall on the floor and you don’t lose them. So helpful!


C observing the cookie dough process before he jumped right in to help + someone sure did enjoy his cookies! And check out the cute Santa shirt his grandma made him. :) We started our Christmas Eve cookie tradition now that C is older, and oh what fun! We made and decorated sugar cookies for Santa for the first time, and C hasn’t been able to stop talking about “dough” since!


Our baking aftermath + treats for Santa and the reindeer left by the fireplace.


‘Twas the night before Christmas + look what Santa brought C for being such a good boy! :) Meet Snowy Bear, aptly named and lovingly adored by this little one.


OK, please excuse our Christmas morning looks. We woke up like this. My mini me and I laughing about something, as usual :) + C loving his new Paw Patrol toys (Chase’s cruiser and Rubble’s bulldozer).


C opening one of his gifts + helping Dada open one.


We just adore this Little People Big Animal Zoo toy (you might remember me gushing on Facebook about ordering it). It’s as big of a hit as I knew it would be! + Gracie was pleased with her new squeaky toys and dog bones + C loving on Snowy Bear. Does anyone else love PJs with something on the butt? Besides footie PJs, which are the best. thing. ever. on baby boys, they’re my fave!


New Year’s crafts + balloon drop + Mama and baby selfie. We went to “Noon Year’s Eve” at the library to celebrate the New Year. It was super cute—they even did a 10-second countdown to noon with music before the big balloon drop.

And that’s a wrap! Most of my favorites go up right away on Instagram, so follow along with us there for the best of the bunch. Happy New Year!

12 thoughts on “Snippets of Life Lately

  1. Really enjoyed this “Savvy Sweet Life”. How do you find all of the activities you and C do???? Everything looks so fun and exactly what a little boy would like.

    1. That is such a compliment, thank you! I do hope he enjoys everything we do. I’ve made a lot of first-time mom friends like me since having C, and we share our experiences with baby/toddler activities we’ve enjoyed and find new ones to try out together. We also spend a lot of time at the libraries for weekly story times and music classes, as well as special events. There are so many great play places in our area too that we’ve been checking out as we can. We have a lot of fun and stay busy, that’s for sure! :)

  2. I love this glimpse into the excitement your little one has had. What a wonderful Mom you are to expose him to so many different activities and intriguing places. He’s such a cutie and it’s so exciting to see your adventures with him, now that my kids have grown. Enjoy that sweet boy!

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