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A Farewell to Summer

And a warm welcome to fall! That’s a literal warm welcome because it’s now a week and a half into the new season, even though these Texas temperatures say otherwise. It is cooling off though … the highs have dropped into the 80s for the meantime. Yippee!

I’m excited for fall and the seasonal changes, but I’m already missing summer as I always do when the first official day of autumn comes around each year. Summer is my favorite season. I grew up by the ocean and have a July birthday, so summertime has a special place in my heart. But Texas summers are something I will never get used to, no matter how long I live here, so I’m mostly glad for fall by the time it rolls in. The brisk air, the leaves changing colors, scarves and most of all, football!

As a farewell to summer, here are some snippets of how we spent our days.


Swinging at the playground + a teddy bear picnic on my yoga mat with friends after a workout. This was a rare cool day in early summer that still warranted long sleeves and pants. Those were quickly replaced with our normal 100° summer days, so we soaked up as much outside time as we could before then!


Driving his Mama around at Nebraska Furniture Mart + Whole Foods. Our favorite shopping experiences (and the ones that last the longest) are always the ones that involve car carts. I mean, every store should have car carts, right?


See that sleeping baby in the mirror back there? This is what I call “sitting in the car and waiting until the baby wakes up.” Something I used to do a lot of when nap times were less routine. My babe LOVES to sleep in the car, and I refuse to wake a sleeping baby if I can help it. Ain’t nothing good that comes out of that. I’ve spend countless hours sitting in my car in the driveway and in parking lots of stores we were on the way to before he fell asleep. Quiet time to myself to answer emails and scroll through my Instagram feed? I don’t mind one bit!

+ C taking a ride on Honey Pepper. All visits to this local restaurant end with C riding on this mechanical horse as it plays us an obnoxious Western tune. We all love it anyway. :)


One of many fun days at the park. We’ve explored many in our area, but this one was especially great because it caters so much to the toddler crowd.


During + after a day we spent with a friend and her son at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas. My water baby loves him a good splash pad. We grabbed lunch from the food trucks and later ice cream sundaes on our walk back to our cars. C and I are looking pretty exhausted here (actually, I think it’s just me), but what a perfect day!


Some of the Father’s Day goodies from C and me. How cute are these custom-decorated donuts I ordered from our local donut shop?! And we had a little “DAD” photo shoot a week or so before that I framed up with the best shot and a couple of cute outtakes. + My two loves on Father’s Day.


My silly boy while we were out to eat and waiting for our food. No, this is not the first nor the last picture  you will see of him and Winnie the Pooh. We adore Winnie in this house. I’ve passed my deep love for all things Winnie the Pooh on to my son, and I’m not sorry about it one bit. :)

OK, except for that time I hosted a play date at our house and made the rookie mom mistake of not putting up his Winnie the Pooh-related toys. Major meltdown when the other babes wanted to play with them!


Anniversary dinner + a lovely bloom from my hibiscus plant (and a photo bomb by our pup, Gracie). We celebrated our four-year wedding anniversary/12 years together at Abacus (celebrity chef Kent Rathbun’s restaurant) in Dallas. So delicious. The hibiscus is my favorite flower, and my thoughtful husband got me this plant as one of my anniversary gifts.


C’s first Fourth of July parade + a sweet look up at his Dada on our walk to lunch afterward. Heart melted.


I try to keep bedtime relatively consistent because from my experience going to bed later does NOT equal sleeping in later, so fireworks were way past his bedtime this year. But we capped off our Independence Day with some family park time.

Last year he was just a few months old and still on his baby sleep/nursing schedule, so he was up for the fireworks. We watched them from a distance so the booms were barely audible, and he seemed to enjoy the colorful lights. We’re looking forward to starting all kinds of traditions as a little family as C gets older, including staying up late for fireworks!


Saying goodbye to dear friends who moved away over the summer. Loved our play dates and coffee breaks with this girl and her adorable baby boy so much!

+ Gracie has become of super interest to C lately. Anytime she barks, you’re sure to hear a tiny “woof, woof, woof” from him along with her. C is always trying to lie on her and pet her. If she’s tired, she’ll let him. If not, she’ll run away, haha. I have quite the collection of C and Gracie photos now, but this early one of them is still one of my favorites.


Watering plants with Mama + splashing in the puddles. This was just before he was lying down in the water. Ew. But I let him do it because it’s hard to say no to something that elicits belly laughs from your baby. I’m learning to embrace the messy, dirty times. I know I have a lot more ahead of me!


A summer must—running through sprinklers. Pure joy.


Another day, another splash pad. :) + My view while stretching post-workout. I did a stroller barre class twice a week this summer for moms and babies. An OUTDOOR stroller workout. In the Texas summer heat. Have I mentioned enough by now how hot it gets here? Just look at that stroller fan blowing on his sweet little face as he eats snacks, parked in the shade, while I sweat it out. Jealous!


A couple snaps while getting ready for bed (taken two months apart). I adore this little boy so much. Seriously though, look at how much he grew up over the summer. Where did that chubby baby face go?


Mamas and their babies + baby friends in front of White Rock Lake. We spent a morning at the Dallas Arboretum and had a picnic lunch on the lawn. Gorgeous views all around!


C exploring the Children’s Adventure Garden at the Arboretum. He had a blast, especially in the water play areas!


This is kind of embarrassing, but yeah. This totally happened. No shame! My sleep schedule is a disaster. I’ve been staying up so late and only getting four hours of sleep at night. Not so good when you’ve got a little one to take care of all day. So I got into this routine of being drained after lunch time. I’ve never been a napper, but I took a nap with C every day for like two weeks straight. And it was glorious, I’m not gonna lie. My hubs mostly works from home, so he got to witness our daily snuggle sesh. :) And I may or may not still be napping with C every so often. :)

By the way, this whole mom gig is the greatest thing ever. ♥ Life lately is better than I could have imagined it would be with our little boy along for our adventures.

What was your favorite summer moment? Here are a couple more of my faves from Instagram:

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My water baby is ready for summer! ☀️

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First snow cones of the season! #boymoms

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32 thoughts on “Snippets of Life Lately

  1. Oh Sharisse, I so enjoyed this chapter of savvy sweet life. I loved all of it. The bond between you and C just reaches out to touch others. I can tell he’s really keen on his Daddy too in that picture where he is looking up at him. You all three make the sweetest little family. I am so glad to see you enjoying your son and doing things with him all the time. You will never regret it. It is a beautiful sight. Give him a great big SMOOCH and tell him how very much he is loved. Love, Martha :)

    1. Your sweet note means so much to me, thank you :) I love everything about being a mom, and I couldn’t have asked for a better little boy to call my own! We do have a lot of fun together, and I’m so blessed to be able to stay at home with him and enjoy every moment. I will give him kisses galore :) xoxo

  2. Beautiful photos of your summer and sounds like you fitted so much in. I have moments of sitting in the car while the kids nap too! How lovely to have enjoyed two weeks of naps with your little one – sounds so blissful. The end of summer makes me feel a little sad too – it always marks a transition period for me and makes me acutely aware of the passing of time but autumn is such a pretty time of year and it must be nice for you that the weather has cooled a bit! #sharewithme

    1. You put it perfectly. It does mark a transition period, and it’s quite sad to me as well when I think back to where the year has gone. Time is passing by too fast these days. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Louise, and I hope you have a great rest of the year!

  3. Looks like you had a lovely summer! We didn’t get much summer over here in UK so missed out on so many of these moments. Of course now we are well into Autumn and puddle splashing… #sharewithme

    1. Haha, we are the opposite over here in the southern US, Talya! It’s going to be back up in the 90s again next week, so it still feels like summer even though the fall decorations are out. Do you enjoy all of the rain you get in the UK? We don’t get enough of it here and always have drought conditions. Thanks so much for visiting :)

  4. Oh, I love this!! It sounds like you had a great summer and I loved seeing all the pictures! I may have to snag this idea and do some sort of recap post someday!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

  5. Looks like such a great summer! I love seeing all the adventures people have with their kids (so many parents spend way too little quality time with kids!). And yes, absolutely…EVERY store should have car carts! Moms of little boys totally get it :)

  6. So much fun going on lately for you all. I love all the photos too. Little one is so cute. So many happy faces and great summer memories. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. Why not invite your friends to come share too? I would love to get to know more bloggers and widen my blogger share with me circle. All posts, old and new are welcome. #sharewithme

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