Rockstar Blogger Award

Good morning!rockstar-blogger-award We’re headed off to Sunday brunch to catch up with a dear friend, but first I have some exciting blogging news. I’m thrilled to share with you that Heather over at Hot Mama featured Savvy Sweet Life on her list of Top 100 Rockstar Bloggers.

I’m so honored to be included in this list and proud that my blog is already receiving recognition in the mom blogger community!

If you enjoy following mom blogs, check out her list—she makes it easy to discover the other awesome mamas out there who are sharing their stories by providing links to each blog along with reasons why she loves them. Thanks, Heather! And my sincerest, most heartfelt appreciation to everyone who is reading, following, sharing, commenting on and interacting with my blog. It sure does mean a lot.

10 thoughts on “Rockstar Blogger Award

  1. I am new to your blog (visiting via Mom Bloggers Club) and saw you are a ROCKSTAR Blogger (so am I!) Woohoo! Congrats Sharisse. Grabbing a cuppa and going to learn more about you and your Savvy Sweet Life!

    1. So lovely of you, Charlene! I’m glad you found me in MBC. Thank you so much for reading, and congrats to you on being a Rockstar Blogger also! I will definitely be heading over to your site for a visit :) xo!

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