On the Third Day of Christmas … Tree Decorating

So decorating the Christmas tree is not what it used to be. I’m mostly thinking back to one magical time I spent enjoying a glass of wine, watching a certain so-bad-it’s-good vampire/werewolf saga replaying on HBO and leisurely hanging up our ornaments all in one evening.

Fast forward to this year, and tree decorating did not take place in one day. Oh, no—it took me three days earlier this month to get it done.


day 1 of decorating: my “helpers”  //  day 3 of decorating: baby C admiring his (my) ornament placement

Three days of getting as much done as I could before the baby needed [fill in the blank]. A diaper change, a change of scenery, to be carried, more milk, a nap … you get the picture. Even so, I am usually flying solo when it comes to Christmas decorations, so it was nice to have a little helper—even if he did take off more ornaments than he put on. :)


day 2 of decorating: my little ornament thief

So on the third day of Christmas tree decorating, we finally finished! A couple learning notes from one new mom to another:

  1. Trying to keep your mobile baby away from the Christmas tree is like telling your baby to repeatedly crawl back over to the Christmas tree and touch, touch, touch.
  2. Babywearing coupled with lots of bending to wrap tinsel around your tree and hang ornaments will leave you in even more back pain than you started with from already carrying your babe around everywhere. Ouch!

babywearing + christmas tree decorating (and a little grin after he stole another ornament from the tree)

I’m such a big proponent of babywearing though (just maybe not while doing something that requires a lot of up-and-down movement)! It’s so good for your little one and, really, it’s easier than trying to steer a stroller around through tight spaces while you’re out and about. You can read more about the benefits of babywearing here. I love that I can carry my baby around the house so that he can be close to me and observe what I’m doing, and I still have my hands free to do other things. He gets so excited when he sees me putting on the sling. We have such sweet interactions together this way too—I just love everything about it!

Baby C was in awe of the tree the first time he saw it. He stared up at it and crawled right on over to touch the branches, giggling each time at their tiny pokes. This time of year is just so much more fun now with a little one. We’ve met Santa, counted down in anticipation at the city tree-lighting ceremony, admired all the twinkling lights everywhere we go and more. I’ll try to remember to write a post about all of baby’s first Christmas happenings!


we like to play by the christmas tree every day so he can admire its grandness and i can reminisce about a lifetime of memories told through our ornaments ♥

Much love to everyone during the holiday season!

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