How to Hang a Gallery Wall in 6 Easy Steps

I’ve been accumulating random pieces of artwork for C’s nursery since before he was born. And by accumulating I mean that when I walk by a cute wall-hanging in a store or see some frames in the perfect shade of blue to match his room, I have to buy them.

So what do I do with all of this randomness? Make a gallery wall, of course! I adore the look of a great gallery wall, but they can be such a pain to hang up. If you don’t put a little thought and planning into it beforehand, you can end up in a nightmare of too many holes in your wall and awkward spacing between your art.

Follow along here with what I did for an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to hang a gallery wall. This method helped me make sure that my gallery wall looked just the way I wanted it to with as little headache as possible, and I hope it does the same for you!

How to Hang a Gallery Wall in 6 Easy Steps | Savvy Sweet Life

  • measuring tape
  • wax paper
  • transparent adhesive tape
  • permanent marker
  • painter’s tape
  • hammer and nails
    (I also used these picture-hanging strips, which worked
    great and allowed me to put fewer holes in my wall)

1. First things first, get an idea of how much space on your wall you want the gallery to take up. Measure the width and the height of this area. The space I wanted to fill ended up being roughly 6 ft. x 3.5 ft. Once you have your measurements, roll out the wax paper and use your transparent adhesive tape to tape together enough sheets of wax paper to cover the area you measured. 

How to Hang a Gallery Wall in 6 Easy Steps | Savvy Sweet Life

How to Hang a Gallery Wall in 6 Easy Steps | Savvy Sweet Life

Tip: Keep your pieces of tape fairly close together so this doesn’t come apart later when you’re hanging it on the wall.


2. Lay out the contents of your gallery on the floor on top of the wax paper. Decide how you want to place everything—in a grid? uniformly? randomly? This step will give you the opportunity to try out different layouts and find the one that works best with your pieces. You want a layout that feels purposeful and fills your space appropriately.

How to Hang a Gallery Wall in 6 Easy Steps | Savvy Sweet Life


3. Once you love what you’ve got going on, outline your gallery pieces onto the wax paper with your permanent marker. Turn the items over and draw a dot on the paper where each nail should go. This will save you so much time when it’s time for hanging!

How to Hang a Gallery Wall in 6 Easy Steps | Savvy Sweet Life

Tip: For more precision in marking the nail spots, you can place the item under the wax paper and mark it that way (as pictured above). I did this for the frames that required two nails so I could make sure the holes were spaced correctly.


4. Hang your wax paper template on the wall with painter’s tape where you want the finished gallery to go. Take a step back to check that the composition and placement look right. Reposition it until it’s exactly where you want it.

How to Hang a Gallery Wall in 6 Easy Steps | Savvy Sweet Life


5. Here’s the best part: Just hammer the nails into the dots you drew, right through the wax paper. You can simply tear down the paper around the nails when you’re finished.

How to Hang a Gallery Wall in 6 Easy Steps | Savvy Sweet Life

How to Hang a Gallery Wall in 6 Easy Steps | Savvy Sweet Life

Tip: I used a combination of nails and the picture-hanging strips. I used nails for the heavier pieces and the strips for the lighter frames. For the frames with strips, I just cut out the part of the template where the frame would hang so I could attach it to the wall.


6. Hang up your pieces, then step back one more time to admire your beautiful new gallery wall!

How to Hang a Gallery Wall in 6 Easy Steps | Savvy Sweet Life


What do you think of the new addition to C’s nursery? I already have a couple newborn pictures in his room, so I framed a 6-month picture and a 1-year picture, along with the monthly photo collage I made, to display in the gallery. I love how it turned out! And C seems to like it too—he always verbally points out the “baw” (football) on the wall and, like most babies, he loves to look at pictures of himself and see himself in the mirror. ;)

If this tutorial was helpful to you, I would love for you to pin this post on Pinterest or share it via the social media prompts below so more people can learn about this easy way to hang a gallery wall. Also, let me know in the comments! Thank you!

37 thoughts on “How to Hang a Gallery Wall in 6 Easy Steps

    1. Thank you, Laurie! I think the gallery wall is a really fun addition to his room, and it adds a few more sports elements to tie in with the rest of his nursery. It’s inevitable that he’ll love sports like his mom and dad, right? ;)

  1. LOVE!!! Now I kinda want to yank down all the pictures I’ve collected and hung over the past several years and lay them out in a more organized way. But then I’d have so, soooo many holes to fill… Guess at least now I know for next time!

  2. So you must have been reading my mind as I attempt to get my home office in order. I have so many photo frames and I love the all different sizes made into one square look. This template and idea is perfect. Such a handy tip and it seems so easy. I’m about to try this tomorrow so wish me luck!

  3. Oh my goodness, these tips are genius! We have tried to do this, and it is a real challenge to get everything lined up nicely. Your ideas will really come in handy next time. And, your gallery wall is precious!

  4. I have tons of pictures and frames in boxes that have yet to be hung. The idea of arranging them on my walls always seemed daunting. I like your use of wax paper. That would make everything so much easier. Thanks!

  5. I don’t have much on my wall, but it is probably because I don’t know how to approach this topic. It is quite cool to see memories on other people walls. I want to have one too

    1. A gallery wall would be a great way to get some memories up on display, Lena! The beauty of it is that nothing has to match—you can gather any random frames or artwork you have and find a layout that brings them all together nicely. I hope you have a chance to try it out!

  6. Great idea for creating a gallery wall in your home. I think the wax paper is a fantastic trick that would work well with even one painting or hanging. It would save me figuring out where to put that nail. Great DIY art wall tips

    1. This would absolutely work with just one! It would be especially helpful with frames that require multiple nails—anything to save a little sanity when trying to figure out precisely how far apart to space out the nail holes, right?

  7. I love pictures and walls like this! This will make me do it if I am the only one who will see it! (At least someone will enjoy it!) Thank you for Linking up with us at the Tips and Tricks Link Party! We hope to see you back this week with some awesome creations like this!

  8. This is absolutely fantastic. I love it and I have tried so many times to do a gallery wall and it always comes out awkward and I hate it. This I love and will have to try the next time I do one for the kids. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again soon. I apologize for my late commenting, just catching up on a hectic week. I appreciate all the blog support. Look forward to reading more of your SWM link ups. #sharewithme

  9. LOVE this idea! I recently rearranged our living room and now have a large wall space that needs to be filled. Just the thought of trying to get everything lined up correctly had me dreading the task. With your tip it will be a breeze. Thanks! :)

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