Friday Fun Finds: World Market

A visit to World Market is such a dangerous shopping trip for me. I love browsing through the neat treasures from around the world, and I could wander around that store for hours looking at all the unique home accents and international foods. Which is precisely what I did earlier this week while baby was napping soundly. It’s a good thing the holidays are right around the corner because I resisted the urge to buy all the things and settled for snapping some pictures with my phone—you know, for later when my hubs asks me what I want for Christmas. :)

I can never get out of there empty-handed though, especially with a $10 off coupon, so here are a few fun finds I picked up:


Top left: This bright and cheerful monogram mug, $6.99. Such cute floral detailing, and each letter in the collection is a different color.  //  Top right: Wood heart ornaments (set of 12), $7.99. I love the intricate nature scenes that are laser-cut into the wood.  //  Bottom left: Watercolor tree gift tags with twine (set of 12), $3.99. I can’t wait to attach these to some pretty kraft paper presents!  //  Bottom right: Christmas jute ribbon (set of 3), $14.97. (These actually were sold individually in the store—and at 30% off each—so I got them for $3.50 a roll before my coupon). Perfect for a Christmas project I’ll be working on soon!

On a related note, we have a 9-year-old beagle who was our first “baby” before our first baby, and she has the best sniffer around. I left my bag of goodies from my shopping trip where she could get to it and … yeah. There was a chocolate bar in the bag that I had already taken out and put away, but that didn’t stop her from rummaging through everything to try to find the lingering chocolate smell. And when she couldn’t find what she was looking for, well, beagles will eat anything their little hearts desire. Even wooden ornaments that seemingly have nothing to offer in nutritional value—or taste, for that matter.


Luckily, she only decided to destroy one. This reminded me of Christmas last year when she opened up one of my presents under the tree—tore though the wrapping paper, through the box, through the packaging and into the sealed plastic K-Cups for the Keurig. Hot chocolate powder everywhere. How she possibly could have even smelled that is still a mystery to me. I’m probably going to be in for a whole lot of mischief when Baby C gets older and teams up with his favorite furry friend!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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