Friday Fun Finds: Valentine Gifts for Baby

Celebrating all of baby’s firsts has been one of the most exciting things about his first year! I love doing something special for each holiday, even if he is too young to remember. Next up is Valentine’s Day, and although there are many Valentine’s Day-specific items out there, why not stick with a red/pink color scheme and heart-shaped items that can stay around all year? So instead of buying something that has to be put away shortly after the holiday, share the love with your baby with activities and gifts that say Valentine’s Day without actually saying Valentine’s Day.

Here are 10 fun ideas I gathered from around the web that are perfect for you and your littlest valentine on February 14 and beyond:


  1. Free baby’s first valentine LOVE printable—just add baby’s footprints to make the V. Too cute!
  2. Bandana bib with pink and red hearts—a stylish V-Day accessory to soak up that unavoidable teething drool
  3. Natural wood heart-shaped baby teether—also doubles as a grasping toy
  4. Pink pig stuffed animal—this mama pig is so soft and adorable! On a recent three-hour (not a typo) shopping trip to IKEA, C played with this the entire time so we brought it home with us. He still loves it! IKEA’s soft toys are all really cute and inexpensive, which is a huge plus.
  5. Red one-piece with bear hood—if only Gap had this in larger baby sizes, C would be wearing it right. now.
  6. Mom tattoo-inspired onesie + leggings—yep, totally ordered this set and can’t wait for my little mama’s boy to wear it! :)
  7. Huggy Kissy board book—full of loving hugs and kisses to act out year round with your little one
  8. Family handprint—a sweet and easy-to-make craft to remember the size of baby’s hands on his or her first V-Day
  9. Customizable 8×10 art print—send in your baby’s footprints (or do it yourself!)
  10. Valentine’s Day bear security blanket—great for babies of all ages to rattle and cuddle

I hope you liked these ideas! I can’t wait to spend the day with my big love + my little love and to start more new family traditions.

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23 thoughts on “Friday Fun Finds: Valentine Gifts for Baby

  1. The footprint card is adorable! I wish I’d known of that when my son was still a preemie. But now we could make a bigger one with my both of my kids’ feet together, they’ll like that.
    A fun list, thanks.

  2. These are great gift ideas for the little ones Valentine’s Day. I love the little piggie. I used to always dress Beloved in pink or red outfits with hearts on them for the holiday. She looked so cute. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. These are all so cute! I love the idea with sticking with Valentine’s themed items instead of Valentine’s specific junk that will only be used once! I’m in love with that LOVE printable and absolutely adore the family handprint!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

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