Easter Fun at 1

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend as much as we did! We had a lot of Easter fun with our now 1-year-old. Saturday was a beautiful day, despite being pretty chilly in the morning. We took C out to experience his first Easter egg hunt, and he had a blast picking up the eggs and putting them in his basket. He was only a few weeks old last Easter, so this was the first year we got to attend Easter service at our church as a family and celebrate with egg hunts and an Easter basket of springtime goodies. It makes me a little teary-eyed though to realize that my little guy had his last first holiday! Each one was so much fun to experience for the first time with him.


gathering his easter eggs like a champ

He’s not walking by himself yet, so his first Easter egg hunt was mostly him sitting in the grass and us collecting a few eggs to put in front of him so that he could pick them up and put them in his basket. It’s been a long time since I last hunted for Easter eggs! Having a baby sure does take you back to your own sweet childhood memories.

It was really nice that the egg hunt we went to was divided into age groups and that there was a baby one for the under 2 crowd. He still wasn’t interested in crawling around in the grass with a lot of the other little kiddos toddling around, but he enjoyed seeing and shaking all the colorful eggs. And Mama and Dada got to eat the candy inside later on. Win-win. ;)


these two! blessed this easter and every day with my little family ♥

After the egg hunt, we enjoyed the rest of the Easter festivities. C loved the petting zoo—he got to pet a chick, bunny, goat, pony and donkey. And then he got a dose of some heavy-duty hand cleaning, ha.





heading back to the car to escape the cold after our fun morning. it might look like a hot day with that bright sunshine, but it hadn’t warmed up yet!

The April showers were in full force on Easter Sunday, so I set up a small egg hunt inside so that C could actually crawl around and cruise on the furniture to find his eggs.


I cleaned out the plastic eggs first since I was planning on putting unwrapped food in them, and I used a variety of his favorite snacks. I put one in each of the eggs so that he would actually have a treat inside for himself this time around—once he realized there was food in the eggs, it put a halt to the egg searching for a quick snack break!


Here are the baby snacks I used if you’re looking for some good ones—I know babies have different preferences, but these are all tried-and-tested ones that C loves! (Oh shoot, I totally left out our Happy Puffs from the picture, and they’re his favorite! The purple carrot + blueberry flavor in particular.)


I absolutely loved putting together my babe’s first Easter basket and finding things to fill it with that would be suitable for a 1-year-old. If you just had a baby recently or your due date is right around the corner, check back later this week for a post with Easter basket ideas for next year! I’ll share what I did for C’s basket—along with some other great options that didn’t make it into his basket—that you can use for your 1-year-old when Easter rolls around again.

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  1. Oh Easter fun at one indeed! I love this and the photos are so cute. They soon grow up so quickly. Glad you had a lovely Easter. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. #sharewithme

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