Easter Basket Ideas for Baby

I’m back to finish my Easter post by sharing what I put together for C’s first Easter basket. If you missed the post earlier this week, check it out to see his Easter egg hunt and petting zoo fun. He was only a few weeks old last year for his first Easter as I mentioned, so this was the first time we got to do these fun Easter activities. Another fun one for me was finding things to fill his Easter basket with!


I didn’t want to do anything over the top but instead something sweet and thoughtful. A basket filled with things he needed and things I knew he would enjoy. Obviously marshmallow chicks, chocolate bunnies and creme eggs were off the list this year, so I was on a mission to find non-candy items suitable for a 1-year-old (see what I used to fill his eggs with instead here).

I say that these are first Easter basket ideas for a 1-year-old, but really most of these items would be great for younger babies and toddlers alike! Here’s what C got in his first Easter basket:


[Clockwise from top left]

  • Old MacDonald Had a Farm hand-puppet board book—C has loved hearing this song since he was little. In fact, making funny animal sounds is one of the few ways I can calm him down if he gets tired of being in his activity jumper while I’m taking a shower. And there are few things he loves more than his Little Puppy finger-puppet board book. So naturally, with those two things in mind, this book is great entertainment. It’s perfect for Easter with its pastel colors and provides a nice visual component to the song.
  • Gray Easter bunny plush—My dad gave me a bunny stuffed animal every Easter when I was growing up, so it was important for me to continue the tradition. For C’s first Easter, I got him the Jellycat bashful beige bunny, and he adores it now that he’s older. It’s hard to top a Jellycat bunny, but his new bunny from Pottery Barn Kids is currently being just as well-loved!
  • Larry’s Loud Roar board book—I just happened upon this book and had to grab it. I got C the lion stuffed animal that goes with this book for his 6-month “birthday,” and it’s his favorite stuffed animal of all. I didn’t even know our Larry the lion had his own book! This one is special to us, but any springtime or Easter book will make a great basket filler! (Hallmark brand, not available online)
  • Nuk Gerber Graduates 4-pack toddler spoons—We use these same baby spoons and have been needing more of the bigger ones. I’m all about practical gifts!
  • Guess How Much I Love You board book—A classic story that needs a place in every little one’s library. Such a sweet portrait of love, and the watercolor illustrations are wonderful. I just know this will be a treasured bedtime story one day.
  • Bubbles—Because what baby doesn’t love bubbles?
  • Bunny ears headband—So cute for a quick Easter snap if your little one will keep it on long enough for a picture! That’s always the challenging part, right? :)
  • Chirping chick palm pet—This totally took me back to my childhood Easters, so I thought it might be fun for C. Plus all of Hobby Lobby’s Easter stuff was 50% off anyway. It’s ended up being fun for the baby but not so much for our dog! She’s always coming by to see what the noise is and sniffing around at it.
  • Pinwheel (different color)—Seasonal and always fun!
  • Spring clothing—These colorblock baseball tees from Gap were on sale in-store. I love the contrasting colors that are perfect for spring!

So there you have it! And here are some other ideas too:

  • Children’s Bible
  • DIY sensory shaker eggs
  • First Easter bib
  • Easter-themed sippy cups, kid’s plates
  • Carrot-flavored foods or snacks
  • Springtime animals bath toys or rubber ducky
  • Pastel bow tie for boys, hair bow for girls
  • Sand toys, pool float, beach ball
  • Sandals, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen
  • Bunny-shaped wooden teether
  • Anything Peter Rabbit
  • Small toys that look or feel like spring!


Hopefully you found some inspiration you can put to use when the Easter bunny’s back in town. Do you have any other Easter basket ideas? Feel free to share them!

12 thoughts on “Easter Basket Ideas for Baby

  1. Oh what a lovely Easter basket put together and I bet he absolutely loved it! I did simple ones for the kids because we weren’t really home for it the week before but next year I would like to do something like this. Lovely. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope you are having a great weekend. #sharewithme

  2. Great ideas! I actually prefer non-candy items, so I miss those days when I had toddler baskets to fill. They still end up with books and a few quality toys or other items. I don’t like the dollar store junk that will just end up broken. These are great ideas for Easter baskets for toddlers or baby

    1. That’s what I prefer too. I’ve started buying a few things for my son’s second Easter basket, and it’s been either fun toddler items I know he’ll love or practical items he needs with a springtime twist (no candy at all, but some of his favorite healthy snacks). He’s not missing anything! He’ll get some sweets on Easter, so I don’t want his basket to be loaded with them for as long as I can get away with it ;)

  3. Aw! Love your basket ideas! I need to get my tail in gear and put one together for my daughter! It’s so much fun when they get to the age where they can really understand and enjoy traditions like this, hope your son’s first “real” Easter is great!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

    1. Thanks! I can only imagine that holidays keep getting better each year as children become more aware of the traditions surrounding them. It’s so much fun to see that joy and wonder. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

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