Do Small Things With Great Love {Free Printable}

A favorite quote of mine (albeit I think paraphrased) and one that has always resonated with me is this one:

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” —Mother Teresa

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought this would be an encouraging sentiment to pass on to all the mamas out there, especially the new ones. Because as first-time moms, we sometimes can feel unsure of whether we’re doing it right or feel as if we’re struggling through each day without doing enough “big things” for our kids. But we forget that it’s often the smallest things that have the biggest impact.

To the moms of little ones: Every day you do small, but important, things for your children to help them grow and learn and understand. Every day you do so much for your family to keep your household running smoothly. Things your significant other doesn’t even know about or realize because these things are so automatic and deep-rooted in you as a mom. From making meals to making your children feel special to making an owie disappear. From being the keeper of the schedule to the constant picker-upper of toy clutter to the one who makes sure you have every possible thing in the diaper bag that your babe might need while you’re out.

Because that’s what we do as moms—small things with great love.


I’m also talking about all the little things we do as moms throughout the day that often go unnoticed or unappreciated. And I don’t mean this in a complainy way. I just mean that we do countless little things without much recognition day in and day out, little things that are so intrinsic to us as moms that we don’t even think twice about them or seek appreciation—we just do them. And all these little things are vital and necessary to the well-being and happiness of our families. Big things are made out of little things.

I hope you find inspiration in this quote and that you enjoy the printable I made for you! You can download the PDF file to print at the end of this post. Keep it for yourself as a reminder that you’re a great mom and the great love you put behind everything you do for your little ones is all that they need. Or put it in a pretty frame for your mom to show just how much you appreciate her doing all the small things she did for you!



I think it’s a perfect reminder for us on Mother’s Day and every day really. It’s an assertion that transcends motherhood and should spill out in all areas of our lives.

So keep on being amazing and doing the small things with great love, mamas! Have a happy Mother’s Day!

Small Things Great Love Printable

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8 thoughts on “Do Small Things With Great Love {Free Printable}

  1. This is great! I get to the end of too many days feeling like I did nothing, but all of those little things DO count and DO mean something. Thanks for the reminder!

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