Baby Update: Through 18 Months

I’m picking up where I left off in my last baby update to share some highlights of the past little while. I thought I would stop writing these after C turned 1, but I had already started a 14/15-month update that was sitting in my drafts, so I figured I would go ahead and finish this post and take it through 18 months. That’s the overachiever in me—rather than not finish something I started, I do even more. Oy.

This will be my final month-by-month baby update post, but at this point all the firsts have pretty much happened and we’re approaching full-on toddler mode. And I don’t think my toddler updates would be as over the moon and lovey-dovey. More like WHERE DID MY BABY GO sob-fests, and that’s just not a good look on anyone. All kidding aside, C has had some whiny moments when he doesn’t get his way, but for the most part he’s still my laid-back and loving sweetheart, and we haven’t had any serious tantrum-throwing. Yet.

I am still proud to say that I’ve kept up with jotting down something every day in his daily journal. I plan to keep it up until his second birthday and then I’ll write in it now and then when more firsts and noteworthy events happen.

You can see all the monthly updates together here, and come join us on Instagram for C’s latest adventures in toddlerhood. Here are those highlights of the past little while I promised:

14-Month Update

Firsts: First night in his crib.

Leading up to this month: The transition from cosleeping to crib happened, and it went from pretty terrible to pretty marvelous. I’ll write about it at some point because I think baby sleep is an important topic for moms to openly share their experiences about.

C can stand up by himself from sitting position for a few seconds, and he’s right on the verge of walking! He can identify a handful of body parts by pointing to them, and he uses sign language for a handful of words. Sixth word: “vroom” for car. He has started making “n” sounds. He knows what “smile” means, which should make taking pictures easier! I always start snapping my fingers when a good dancing song comes on, and he mimics me by trying to snap his fingers. 14 months is a fun age. He’s starting to really understand his more advanced toys and how they work. He’s more aware and purposeful in his interactions.

New likes: Opening up the kitchen cabinets. Chasing our dog around. Bath time. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Winnie the Pooh, which is more than a new like—it’s an obsession. :)

Baby Update: Through 18 Months | Savvy Sweet Life

some grilled cheese goodness

15-Month Update

Firsts: First steps! First swim in the pool. First movie.

Leading up to this month: C took his first steps exactly a week after turning 14 months old. I didn’t mind him waiting so long to do it at all—I got more time before I had to constantly worry about him being on the move! Seventh word: “bubba” for bubble. He loves bubbles! Eighth word: “nana” for banana, another love. Ninth word: “bub” for bug. He’s added more body parts to the list of ones he can identify, and we’ve been working on more baby sign language. He loves water and had a blast in the pool. One day after his Winnie the Pooh obsession reached a new high, we thought it would be fun for C watch The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh for the first time. I think it was more fun for us to watch him see Winnie and his friends come to life!

We met the 3-week-old baby boy of one of my longest friends, and my darling C was jealous of Mama holding another baby. He cried and tugged on the bottom of my shirt. Sweet thing. We went to lunch with several of my old coworkers for Korean barbecue, and C loved it. I love that he’s open to new tastes and will eat what I’m eating. Finally someone to share food with! Thank goodness he didn’t get my husband’s bland taste buds! ;)

New likes: To sign “please more” over and over while we’re eating—this boy loves to eat! Pushing toy cars around the house and saying “vroom.” Putting things in the trash can and recycling bin.

Baby Update: Through 18 Months | Savvy Sweet Life

a big boy with a big balloon practicing his new walking skills

16-Month Update

Firsts: First parade. First trip to Disneyland! First (AND ONLY) time to stick his arms into the (thankfully clean) toilet and splash water everywhere. Gah. Still gross!

Leading up to this month: | I don’t know if I should count this as a word or not, but oh well … 10th word: “boomba.” No, I have no idea what boomba means. But that doesn’t stop him and me from saying it to each other all day, haha. In fact, it’s one of his favorite things to say, especially when I’m saying it back to him. I keep asking him, “Baby, what’s a boomba?!” and he just laughs and laughs. (Any ideas??) 11th word: up, which he primarily uses when he wants help getting on the sofa or when he wants to crawl up the stairs to his room. 12th word: bib, which often sounds like “bub” since he can’t make his “i” sounds well yet. He likes to try to put his bib on himself, and he always reminds me to get a bib before he starts eating! 13th word: down. 

I taught him about Eskimo kisses and he keeps wanting to give them. Sometimes he just gets right up in my face without me prompting him, and I know that’s what he’s looking for. His fourth bottom tooth is about halfway up now, so he has eight total. Lastly, we took another family vacation to California—more on that eventually. We had a great time, and C loved Disney! 

New likes: Getting into EVERYTHING. Randomly surprising me with hugs and kisses throughout the day to make up for it. ♥ Helping me dust with his own Swiffer Duster. Mexican food and beans. “Driving” my car (aka playing with the steering wheel while the car is off) and saying—well, do I even need to write it? :) His top five favorite things right now: blueberries, beans, bunnies, Winnie the Pooh and anything that goes vroom!

I know what you’re thinking—where is the adorable picture of C enjoying Disneyland?! Well, I almost posted one of my favorites from the trip here, but I stopped myself because I can’t ruin the magic! It involves his favorite yellow bear of course, and it’s worth waiting for. :)

17-Month Update

Firsts: First visit to Mama’s hometown.

Leading up to this month: C has been saying more and more words lately, and I’m losing track at this point! His vocabulary is growing each day. Some new words lately are ball, nut, “men” for melon, bump when he hurts himself, dip meaning any type of sauce he can swirl his food around in, duck, boat and “gur-gur” for burger. He’s also saying bread now, except that he pronounces it “dead,” even though he can say so many other words that start with “b.” The cutest thing at the moment is when C mimics an elephant sound and lifts his arm up in the air like an elephant’s trunk.

New likes: Washing his hands in the sink. Jumping in water puddles. Running through sprinklers. Helping me water the flowers. (I think there’s a water theme there!) Checking the mailbox with me.

Baby Update: Through 18 Months | Savvy Sweet Life

eating blueberries in a shady spot at the park

18-Month Update

Firsts: First haircut.

Leading up to this month: New words are book and hello, though that one sounds like “heh-row,” which is even cuter. Repeats words and will try to say anything I ask him to. Animal sounds are his new favorite right now. C likes to chase me around the house and then he squeals when he catches me and wraps his arms around my legs. He can sing “ahhhh” and “ooooh” quite flowy and well. His molars are breaking through, and he’s been teething like crazy.

New likes: He just learned how to make a screeching, high-pitched noise, so there’s that. Jumping. Following me into the bathroom when I need to go and not leaving. Smelling flowers. Hugging animal statues.

Weight/height: 26 pounds, 10.5 oz (78%) and 34 inches tall (88%) at his 18-month checkup.

Baby Update: Through 18 Months | Savvy Sweet Life

two of 5,327 frog planters that needed a hug while we were out vintage shopping for fall decorations (that final count may not be completely accurate, but it feels like it was somewhere close to that many)

And that’s that for 1.5! Is it possible that my baby is closer to 2 than he is to 1? It feels like we just celebrated his first birthday. Heck, it feels like I just brought home a newborn after my five-day stay at the hospital. There’s this bittersweet little ache I’ve been feeling as my baby keeps growing up too fast. I’ve been thinking and writing about it a lot lately as I try to come to grips with my baby’s first year flying by.

I’ve been savoring bedtime sleep snuggles lately. I know they’re not going to last forever. I could just sit there all night and stare at my sweet baby’s face while he’s lying in my arms and nestled up against me. It’s one of those moments I wish I could bottle up and keep to experience whenever I want down the road. But since that’s not possible, I’ll cherish these moments while I can.

Tell me, what’s your favorite age? Is it already behind me or one to look forward to? A lot of my mom friends didn’t like the newborn stage, but I absolutely loved it. As C’s gotten older, I think 14 months have been my favorite age so far. I don’t know it that just correlated with walking, but everything started to make so much sense to him around that time, which was a lot of fun to see!

10 thoughts on “Baby Update: Through 18 Months

  1. It has been such a pleasure reading about all of C’s monthly milestones. The time goes by so quick and your blog is such a wonderful way to reminisce about all of those special moments. Of course, all of the cute pics are icing on the cake! The “big boy with a big balloon” is soooo sweet!!! He is one loved little boy, that’s for sure :)

  2. Such a cute age where they just discover the joys of walking and leave you a nervous wreck :) I loved the 6 month stage when they sit up but then when they start talking it’s a whole bunch of new fun. My Z is now almost 5 but I get to do those stages again with E who’s only 11 weeks yet.

    1. 6 months was such a great age too! That would be my second favorite for sure. How exciting to start all over after almost five years and get to experience all of those firsts again. Congratulations on your new little one!

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