Baby Update: 11, 12, 13 Months … and Counting

Of course I’ve procrastinated posting C’s monthly updates on the blog, and now I’ve gotten way behind. But I simply can’t neglect these precious months, so here are three updates rolled into one. For the sake of this not seeming like a complete fail on my part, let’s just pretend I decided to go with quarterly baby updates and therefore this post is actually kind of timely. Thank you for being such gracious, understanding readers. :)

On a positive note, even though I struggle to keep up with blogging regularly (I’m always working on some aspect of blogging behind-the-scenes, but posting gets put on the back burner too often—sorry about that!), I’m proud to say that I’ve kept a daily journal about all things baby for nearly a year and half now, dating back to my pregnancy. I will have a post up about it this weekend (yes, really!).

See? I’m at least keeping up with important baby things somewhere. ;)

Here’s what’s been going on with my baby-turned toddler-but still always my baby over the past few months:

11-Month Update

Firsts: First Valentine’s Day. First time to see and play in the snow.

Leading up to this month: Two new top teeth for a total of six. Started clapping. Cruising all along the furniture. Can feed himself with a spoon. Second cold. :( Second word: “uh-uh” for uh-oh. (Did you miss his first word? Or do you just want to read again about one of the most fantastic days ever in my entire existence? If yes, detour over here for a minute!)

New likes: Crawling up the entire staircase, with Mama right behind him of course. Using his toys as a step stool to reach up higher. Pushing his toys off of the edges of our bed and seeing where they land. Pulling all the movies off the DVD rack until they’re in a huge pile on the floor. (Why haven’t I moved that thing into the closet yet? We don’t even watch DVDs. Agh, I think it’s because he loves it so much! I’ll keep suffering through the repeated cleanup, for now.)



c had a blast playing in the snow for the first time with our pup, gracie

12-Month Update

Firsts: First St. Patrick’s Day. First airplane ride. First trip to the aquarium and the beach. First birthday!

Leading up to this month: Third word: “bur” for bird. Fourth word: Dada (finally)! A big breakthrough in solid foods—going from months of being not interested to eating everything. He’s not a picky eater at all and will eat pretty much anything I give him now. Hooray!

New likes: Pointing at everything so Mama can tell him what it is. Bouncing and swaying (aka dancing) to music.

Weight/height: 24 pounds, 2 ounces and 31 inches tall at his 1-year checkup. He has leaned out so much since I wrote his 10-month update—he weighed 24.5 pounds at that time, so all of his growth has been in his height. He’s grown two inches since his 9-month checkup! In his first year, he nearly tripled his birth weight and grew 10 inches.


c’s first time at the beach

13-Month Update

Firsts: First Easter egg hunt and petting zoo. First trip to the zoo.

Leading up to this month: Walks with a walker and when I hold his hands for balance. Drinks out of a straw cup. Started shaking his head “no” when he doesn’t want something! Fifth word: “buh” for bunny. He loves seeing bunnies! We live in a woodsy area and have a lot of wildlife in our neighborhood. Whenever we get home and I turn off the car, he starts saying “buh buh buh” over and over in excitement. We usually have two to three of them in our side yard for him to see.

New likes: Emptying containers and putting everything back in. Reaching up and grabbing things off the top of the kitchen counter (What?!). Holding our cell phones up to his ear to “talk” and pointing the remote at the TV. Most of all though, his daddy! It’s always been all about Mama for my little one, but he’s finally starting to want Dada too and is happy to see him when he’s been away. Love, love, love. My husband said that now he knows how loved I’ve felt this whole first year. Aww. Cue the tears.


we took c on his first trip to the zoo—he was pretty fascinated by all the animals!

There we go, all caught up! A year came and went faster than I ever could have imagined.

C had a great first year filled with lots of story time fun at the library and play dates with baby friends. We went on three road trips in Texas and a plane trip to California. He had a healthy start in his first year with just two colds, and no fevers, ear infections or any other illnesses. I’m prayerful and hopeful for continued good health. And continued good behavior—he’s been such a happy and calm baby. I get compliments all the time from strangers about what a good baby he is. I’m beyond thankful and know a second baby won’t be this easy, which scares me. It seems like everyone I know with two kids has two completely opposite kids. Is this the case for you? Maybe C will have to be an only child after all. ;)

I’m looking forward to the toddler phase, I think, (are all of you moms of toddlers laughing at me right now for saying that?) and everything his second year will bring. That’s all for now. Thanks for catching up with us. You can see our past monthly updates here. And you can keep up with our adventures between blog posts in real time by following on Instagram—I hope you will!

18 thoughts on “Baby Update: 11, 12, 13 Months … and Counting

  1. I LOVE your posts – not just to catch up on the goings on with Baby C, but you’re really an entertaining writer :-) I so wish I’d taken the time to do something like this with any or all of my kiddos – what a treasure to look back at and read in years to come! Last, but not least – there MUST (at least) be a baby #2!!!

  2. What a great post! I love watching everyone’s little ones grow up!

    P.S. I have a journal I started for my daughter when she was born, as well. I used to fill it out daily, then weekly, then monthly…now it’s really hit or miss! So I can totally relate to the combined blog post!!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

    1. Haha, I’m glad someone can relate! If I didn’t keep the daily journal, I probably would have blogged each month on time before all the details got jumbled up in my head, so it’s a double-edged sword I guess :)

    1. I always enjoy reading baby updates as well. I enjoy seeing what other moms find noteworthy about their little ones’ milestones and getting a glimpse into future milestones that my son will soon experience. Even though you weren’t able to blog about your son early on, it’s great that you’re doing so now! Keep it up! :)

  3. Oh I love a good baby update. They always make me so broody. Looks and sounds like your little one is doing so well. So happy too! Lovely photos. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  4. I love this baby updates! I only have a few weeks blogging so I haven’t had the chance yet to do any baby update for my 10 month old baby girl but this is something I’m working on at the moment. It is a good inspiration for me! Thanks for sharing! xx #sharewithme

    1. Thank you so much. Any time I can provide inspiration to someone is such a wonderful compliment! I really enjoy baby updates, and I’ll be sure to read yours :) Congratulations on your new blog!

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