Baby Update: 10 Months

And just like that we’re in the double digits! Baby C now officially has been outside in the world as long as he was inside my belly (because, let’s face it, pregnancy is actually 10 months and not nine).


He weighs 24.5 pounds and has four teeth. MORE IMPORTANTLY, he said mama today. Like for real. He looks at me and smiles and calls me mama. I’ve been beaming all day, so much so that I let him tear apart the house and drag things out of their tidy spots, and there are random items all over my floor that would drive me crazy on any other day, but on this day I don’t even care.

I had already mentally prepared myself for dada because that’s typical, and “m” sounds are harder for babies to master. But he’s been babbling “ma” sounds for months now, and saying mama today was the culmination of taking care of my little love 24/7, day in, day out, for the past 10 months—and I accept this as his token of appreciation. ;) Before today, he was really getting the hang of saying it, which just melted my heart into a little puddle at my feet every time. Even if it was in times of desperation—for instance, when I’d leave the room for 2.5 seconds and a whimpery little “mmma” sound came out followed by a full-on whine, which was both frustrating and glorious all at the same time.

So, first word = mama. Yes, I do realize I stretched that into three paragraphs, but this is everything. Hip, hip, hooray! Moving on. :)

A new favorite activity is doing headstands (head/hands/feet down, butt up) and looking between his legs upside down. So silly! We play peek-a-boo that way sometimes, and he laughs and laughs about it. Another favorite is crawling through the tunnel Santa brought him for Christmas:


I last wrote about sensory play, and it was at one of the sensory play days at our local library that C first crawled through one of these tunnels. I couldn’t get him out of it! We have this one from the Melissa & Doug line—it’s a super-cute and colorful caterpillar. It’s collapsible so it stores away easily and pops right back into shape when it’s time to play. He loves it …


… especially when his pup is waiting for him at the other end!


Every day with this little guy is filled with excitement and laughter. He gets into EVERYTHING and is always on the go exploring his world. He loves to pull off his socks, see himself in the mirror, splash water in the bathtub and play the drums on any surface. He recognizes his stuffed animals by name—adorable, by the way. He cuddles with and gives kisses to his mama and papa, and it’s the best. He likes to mimic us too, most notably when we cough. Any coughs of ours are immediately followed by tiny fake coughs and giggles.

Obviously my partiality is shining through, but he’s the sweetest, cutest thing ever. Especially when he says mama.

20 thoughts on “Baby Update: 10 Months

  1. Oh Sharisse, what a beautiful life you have. C is absolutely adorable. I love that he is saying “mama”. C just oozes with love. I like his little tunnel. How fun for him. Also, fun for Gracie waiting for him at the end of it. God bless you all, and take care of each other. Sounds like you are doing a mighty fine job of it. Love, Martha

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